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5770 vs 6850

I bought a XFX 5770 back in FEB 2010 I am trying to figure out if I should get a 6850 video card to replace my XFX 5770 I am playing my games at 1680x1050. on a acer 22 inch monitor. I am wondering if there is much of a speed bump between the 2 cards to justify the cost of a new card. I have 3 choices grab another 5770 and cross fire it or grab a single 6850. Or keep my 5770 another year.

here are my system specks:

Asus 890GX mother board
AMD X6 1055T cpu @ 3.5 GHZ
1 XFX 5770 with lifetime warranty.
8 GB DDR3 1366
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  1. A 6850 is not really enough of an upgrade to justify the cost. You should upgrade 3 tiers to really notice. I might Crossfire it though.,2782-7.html
  2. The question is this. Are you getting below 30-40 FPS often? If not, you won't likely notice much of a difference. If you are, then you'd see a nice bump in performance. Adding a 2nd 5770 would add more performance, however.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. I do a lot of video rendering so I change my CPU and mother board about every 3 years. So what your saying is change the GPU when I change the CPU and mother board next time. I just went from a AMD x3 to a x6 CPU unfortunately the board had to go to support the x6 CPU.
  4. You should be able to see a noticeable boost.

    Plus the 6850 can usually overclock to 6870 performance pretty easily.

    It's up to you though. If you can grab a 2nd 5770 for cheap, go for it. Personally, I'd rather have a single card solution.
  5. Can a corsair TX 750 watt psu handle 2 5770's in crossfire?
  6. Oh yeah and then some.
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    even a 500w corsair psu can handle 2 5770's in crossfire. 2 x 5770's would be faster than a 6850/6870 and faster than a gtx470 in many cases.
  8. I will get a 5770 when the price drops.
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