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Hey guys,

I've been looking around for an answer to this but can't seem to find it. I'd like to know if I could run Nvidia surround (non-3d) off my GTX 470 which has a 9800GTX+ for PhysX. I am currently using 2 displays off each card (4 total), the Nvidia site says that the 400 series is required, which I have, but can I use the 9800 as the second card or not? Any and all help is appreciated.

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  1. Surround requires an SLI setup.

    The only exception is the dual GPU 295.
  2. I forget what board your are using but if you got a third slot and your psu can handle the load then go for a second GTX 470 unless you are like the rest of us now that are broke and not some rich euro brat.
  3. Yes sadly I'm like the rest of you, don't really have the money to dish out on another GTX 470. Next week though I'll be getting a GTX 570 Superclocked thanks to EVGA's step up program so I'm happy about that since I won't have to pay anything for the new card (though $20 shipping). I was really hoping that the 500 series would allow 3 monitors on a single chip but I guess not. BTW I'm using an EVGA X58 SLI LE.
  4. Yeah unfortunately nVidia requires 2 GPUs in SLI to do 3 monitors. Bummer too since you'll be putting in a nice new 570!! Arrghh!
  5. Yeah I was thinking for a while to end up getting something else like a 6970 but considering the performance is even less than that of a 570 and not wanting to Crossfire it, it'd almost be the same scenario.
  6. A 6970 is about the same performance, they trade blows. The 6970 is also better at high resolutions, which eyefinity is. It's actually a good option.
  7. But you'll have to use hacked drivers if you want to use that 9800 GTX+ for PhysX along with the HD 6970.
  8. Tamz_msc said:
    But you'll have to use hacked drivers if you want to use that 9800 GTX+ for PhysX along with the HD 6970.

    Which is very easy to do.
  9. But he's getting the GTX 570 for FREE.Why would he want to shell out 370 bucks for the HD 6970?
  10. Tamz_msc said:
    But he's getting the GTX 570 for FREE.Why would he want to shell out 370 bucks for the HD 6970?

    He's the one who brought up the 6970 option. He also cannot do his 3 monitor setup he wanted with a single 570. I also do not believe the 570 will be free. It's a trade in, and he'll be paying the difference. It's an EVGA step up program, he probably has to pay the difference. EVGA also makes 6970's, so he may be able to use the same program to go that route, although I don't know about this program, so it may require him to stay with Nvidia, maybe he can fill us in.
  11. bystander said:
    EVGA also makes 6970's

    Really? :o Where can I get one?
  12. Maybe I'm mistaken, but seriously, he brought up the idea. The reason was not money, or physx that he discounted it. It's actually better at what he wants. Why are you so hell bent on discounting it?
  13. Actually, if the OP had bought the GTX 470 for 250$, He'll be paying 100$+ taxes for the GTX 570( Source: )

    Its the OP's choice really

    GTX 570 for 120$ vs HD 6970 for 370$, both of which will give the same performance, unless you're gaming across multiple monitors at the same time.
  14. Ok, firstly EVGA does not make 6970's. Secondly I am practically getting it for free since I bought the 470 for the same price as the 570 is now, all I have to pay is $20 shipping. The 6970 is better at handling higher resolutions but the downside is it drops on frames anyways from the benchmarks I've seen against the GTX 570. I can't really give my GTX 470 to EVGA, get the money back somehow and buy a 6970. I'd have to sell the 470 to someone and then I'd be needing to dish out alot more money. As far as the 9800GTX+, yes it isn't that hard to get hacked forceware drivers for use with ATI cards, and if you're wondering, I do play PhysX games and enjoy the PhysX aspect of it. Lets continue from there.
  15. Which makes the GTX 570 a much better option if you're willing to let go the idea of Eyefinity or Surround.
  16. What PhysX games do you play? A lot of people do get the idea of a PhysX game and a GPU accelerated PhysX game confused often. I just want to make sure you are working towards the best option.
  17. PhysX means the technology of NVIDIA which is used by certain games that support it to do real-time physics calculations off the GPU, an example of this being Mafia II.

    On the other hand, most current games include some amount of physics calculations, but most of them are done through the CPU, an example of such a game being Crysis.
  18. I know what PhysX is, I was asking which games he is playing that needs a dedicated PhysX card, just to make sure he needs his physX card.
  19. Batman AA, Dark Void, Mafia II and Mirrors Edge are the ones that I play often. From what I'm aware of, they are all PhysX supported games.
  20. Ya, they are the ones that want/need a dedicated card. Dark Void actually requires a dedicated card for the higher end physX, even if your main card supports physX.
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