What do you guys think of this PSU?


its from this product. Is it just a waste of money?
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  1. Why not just post this on facebook, i got excited and thought it was one of those pros who know everything on toms hardware...
  2. hmm ok, i might not get it then
    i still dotn understand that 2x12v rails and that 16A thing.
  3. Yeah, CM Extreme series have a bad reputation, in addition that they have a dual rail, instead of a Single.
  4. Single verses multiple rails is not a major factor. Two rails simply means that the 12 volt output is divided into two parts. Personally, I prefer a single rail power supply with one output feeding all the cables.

    Single vs. multiple rails:

    If you are on a really, really tight budget, treat it like a 400 watt power supply.

    Otherwise, buy something better.
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