Asus p8p67-Pro no BOOT! (Old Build) Green LED on

Ok so I've been running my PC for almost a year now with no issues.

Yesterday I installed my new Blu Ray drive and everything worked fine.

I turned off my PC and went to sleep then today I work up went to turn it on and nothing. Not even fans trying to start up just nothing happens. Only indication that anything is working is the green power LED on the Mobo (Asus P8P67-Pro).

I remember reading that the SATA ports on the first P8P67 mobos were defective, is that right? I never mailed mine back during the recall to get a new one. I don't remember the exact nature of what was wrong with the ports, does this have anything to do with them?

If not then what else should I do? Should I buy a new Mobo first or power supply to test and see what's wrong? Hopefully the Mobo isn't fried :/

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  1. Kill the mains from the wall outlet. Keep it off for untill that Green Mobo LED doesn't go off and then give it a try.
    If not....
    Just try disconnecting the Power and Sata cable for the new BluRay drive and see if it boots up.
    While you're at it, also check if you haven't by mistake dislodged any connectors from the FP connectors on the Mobo, namely, the HDD LED, PWR Switch, Reset Button, etc etc.
    If it comes on, you can get into windows and download the latest BIOS for the Board and update it. That would help....
    After that you could give it a go with the BR Drive attached and see if it functions fine.
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