5870 Cross Fire vs 6950 Cross Fire for triple monitor eyefinity


As the title says really, i'm looking to run 3x1080P monitors in eyefinity. I'm UK based, so for some reason the 6950 costs around 15-20 pounds more than a 5870. So I'm unsure as to which to buy for crossfire. As I'm aware the 5870 is a faster card, although in some reviews the 6950 overtakes it and also has better scaling. So would I see much/any of a performance boost for the 40 pounds on 2 6950's vs 2x 5870?

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  1. 1. Yes, HD5870 is faster than HD6950.
    2. HD6xxx series are scaled better on CF better than HD5xxx series.
    3. HD6xxx series gives you higher minimum fps than HD5xxx series.
    4. Dual HD6850 is more than enough to play most of games even on eyefinity setup (3 HD monitors). So yes, go with HD6950. :)
  2. Dual 6950's will murder dual 5870;s even though a single 6950 is only slightly faster than a 5850. Thats cause 5870;s show 70% scaling at most, whereas the 6950 shows 95% plus, even a perfect 100 at times.
    In short, if a 5870 gives you 100fps, two will send it to 170.
    If a 6950 gives 100, two will send it to 195.
  3. HUH? I look at Guru3d.com and Anandtech.com and I see that 6950 almost always is faster than 5870 although not by much?
  4. 6950, it has 2gb VRAM.
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