Will a Noctua D14 fit in a CoolerMaster 310?

Should be getting a Noctua D14 soon. I have checked the dimensions of my current case and the Noctua and they seem fine. I just get the feeling it won't fit.. haha.

So, will it fit perfectly?
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  1. No way a D-14 will fit in a 7.5" wide case let alone one with a top mount psu.
  2. well I've been searching on youtube and someone has fitted it in a NZXT M59 which is 190mm compared to the the Elite 310's 191mm. His fitted perfectly. So the definite problem for me would be the psu? Or will i be able to 'just' fit it in? Would it fit a CM Storm scout or a Casecom k5-9388 fine? Thank you :)
  3. jammydodger06 said:
    Should be getting a Noctua D14 soon.?

    If buying, the Mugen 2 (SCMG 2100) is half the price.


    Scythe Mugen-2 SCMG-2000 29.00°C over ambient
    Noctual NH-D14 (2x 140) 30.09°C over ambient
  4. It would fit in a CM SS just fine.
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