Upgraded build having BSOD's.

I've been putting together my own systems for more than a decade and I know my way around hardware and software. About 3 weeks ago I had finally saved up some money for a new MoBo, CPU, and RAM. I am still using my older Video Card, HDD, CDROM, and Power Supply. My upgraded system ran beautifully for the past 3 weeks until a few days ago when I started getting BSOD's every few minutes. I can idle and not BSOD that often but it is guaranteed within a few minutes of running a game like Battlefield: BC2 or WoW.

Current rig:

CPU AMD|PH II X4 965 3.4G AM3
2Gx2|GSKILL F3-12800CL9D-4GBRL

Like I said, the system was smooth as butter for several weeks and then all of a sudden one night I start BSOD'ing all the time. I have done almost everything short of RMA'ing the MoBo, RAM, or CPU which I have about a week left to do. I have done 5 passes on each stick of memory in every DIMM slot with no errors. I have torture tested with Prime95 on all cores with a BSOD after 6 hours. Updated BIOS and Chipset, updated video drivers, rolled back video drivers. I thought it might be software so I formatted the HDD and went to reinstall Windows 7, first attempt crashed in the middle of installation, second attempt went smoothly but was still BSOD'ing. I haven't changed RAM timings or Core frequences at all.

Heat is not a problem, every device is running at a good temp according to software and physical reading of device temperature. The hottest thing is my video card which is never goes over a reasonable 60 degrees. Mem dumps show ntoskrnl.exe as the culprit of every BSOD but that could mean anything. I got fed up so I took it to a friends shop who torture tested it for another two days and said it ran great with no BSOD. I took it home and it ran fine for a day and then I boot it up this morning and BSOD is back still being caused by ntoskrnl.

So here I am with everything back on my old Mobo, CPU, and RAM asking for help from the community before I RMA everything while I still can. Maybe there is an incompatibility I don't know about or something, I'm on my last legs and losing my sanity, the last thing I need is a $500 paperweight in the middle of the semester.
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  1. Try some other keyboard and see if it happens again.
  2. I've used three, two PS2 and one USB, different keyboards so I'm fairly sure it isn't a driver problem.
  3. did you try a different psu?
    borrow one from your friends shop, how old is yours, what model, can you RMA it to the manufacturer?
  4. Give us the BSOD STOP code.
  5. My PSU is fine, only a year old. Everything is back on my old mobo and no problems for the past few hours.

    I do not have the memdumps since I formatted the HDD when I switched back to my old mobo.

    Stop codes were typical BAD_POOL_HEADERS that didn't help me at all.
  6. what psu is it, it does seem unlikely the problem is the psu now but just to check
  7. SILVERSTONE ST75F 750W ATX 12V 2.2 & EPS 12V SLI Ready Modular Active PFC Power Supply
  8. okay, I agree there is about a .001% chance it's the PSU, it's just a lot of people insist their psu is fine and then reveal it is a raidmax or something
  9. Still no problems back on my old board, I've already got the RMA for the RAM ready to ship in the morning.

    It just blows my mind that I can BSOD every boot one day, be completely fine the next, and back to BSOD the day after that. Times like these that make me want a pre-built. :(
  10. the problems with a self-built are less then the benefits, don't go back to the sheep
  11. It's just sarcasm but these situations do test my patience.
  12. I'd suggest uploading your dmp files to sevenforums


    the Pool Headers thing could be caused by any number of issues.

    BTW, 5 passes of memtest is a bit minimalist ..... I generally run over the weekend, at least overnight.
  13. also try prime95 blend test, I know memtest86+ is preferred here but prime95 blends sometimes catch errors when memtest doesn't, it's a good idea to use both
  14. I did a Prime95 blend that crashed after 6 tests (about 8 hours). I also no longer have my dumps and I shipped the RAM off this morning. Considering that I'm back on my old mobo and ram and everything is fine then it has to be either RAM or Mobo. I'm crossing my fingers thats its the RAM since the idea of removing a motherboard isn't too exciting.
  15. I think it's the RAM
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