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i have a windows 7 64 bit os and a nvidia gtx 460 graphics card. The problem is I can get my monitor to work and get a signal on it when connected but my lcd tv which is also connected to the graphics card by dvi-hdmi gets no signal. I tried installing diff drivers and keeping the tv on when booting the os along with brand new cables but im still not having any luck. Force detection doesnt yield any results either but i am able to get a second monitor when checking screen resolutions but it just says avaible display output on nvidia gtx 460 or vga and selecting it still doesnt give a signal, is there any fix?
thanks for any help
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  2. Have you tried mini HDMI to HDMI?
  3. the graphics card has a mini hdmi port on it, would that work?
  4. Yes, try with a mini HDMI to HDMI adapter.
  5. just tried it but still no results. any other ideas? or is the graphics card faulty??
  6. anyone have any idea? the tv used to work perfectly fine with my previous computer and i got new cables now too so i know it must be wither an os or driver error. i tried everything i can think of but nothing seems to work, the monitor is not shown in device manager, can someone please help????
  7. anyone?
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