Need help installing a DVD burner

Hello all, my old CD/DVD player died recently, so i ordered a new one from newegg. Here is the model i bought -

When i tried to install it i couldn't find the proper wires in my tower/motherboard to hook it up. I built this computer myself so I'm at least semi-competent when it comes to computers, but I've never seen a cd/dvd player that didn't have a standard input to connect to my motherboard.

If you look at the rear view pictures of the item on newegg you can see how its set-up. Can someone tell me how to install this device if i don't have the proper cables?
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  1. You bought a burner with an EIDE / ATAPI interface. If your MoBo is equipped with only a SATA interface as most today are, your going to have to exchange it for and one of the other 3 here (assuming your set on Samsung):
  2. lol yeah... i just figured out that that was the problem. Its funny that a SATA to IDE adapter is more expensive than the DVD burner itself! Thanks for the help, i guess I'll have to return it.
  3. Looks like it has an IDE connection, which uses a really thin, wide cable to connect to your motherboard. Most optical drives pretty much use a SATA connector these days which uses a much smaller cable and may be how your old drive was connected. If your mobo doesn't have the IDE connector you could try returning that drive and finding one with SATA.

    lol my bad, weren't any responses when I started typing this..
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