Re-build PC. Problem: Powers on, no Post (or beeps) and No Display!

I am coming to you, tom's hardware community as a last resort before I take this PC in for "professional" help at a local tech shop...

here's the story. My main gaming PC recently got an update.. So I decided to "recycle" some of the older parts and build father a new system

The parts I kept from my original gamer rig was

Asus P5N-D Motherboard
Intel Q6600 CPU
OCZ PC2-6400 RAM

I bought NEW parts to go with this

CoolerMaster 500w PSU
Western Digital 500gb HDD
CoolerMaster case (pretty generic)

Now i rebuilt the system and figured since the majority of the main components are unchanged I'd have no problems, right? Wrong...

Now i LITERALLY took the parts from MY OLD case into the NEW one, hooked it all up with the new PSU and it's giving me issues.

Here's what I'm getting.

Everything plugged in: Plug the PSU in, flip the I/O on the back, and it automatically turns on? (This surprised me as I didn't even need to press the button at the front. PS, this happens every time I try to turn it on)

-No motherboard beeps AT ALL.
-Everything is running. Fans, CPU fan, GPU fan, Optical drive opens/closes..
-No display on monitor.
-BOTH the RESET and POWER buttons at the front DO NOT WORK (I don't understand why)

The only way I can get ANY kind of "beep" is by unplugging the GPU which does one long "beeeeeeeeep" song, very loud.

Yes, i've double,triple,quadruple checked ALL connections, yes i've tried moving the RAM around and unplugging/replugging things..

I'm COMPLETELY at a loss here.. How did the system just "break"??
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  1. Hello bachpat;
    Did the case come with brass standoffs to mount the motherboard?
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  2. Run through the forum's "System won't boot" checklist.
    It could be something as simple as the motherboard standoff not being installed, or having one installed in the wrong place, that might short out the motherboard.
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  3. Yes the standoffs are all there. There were 9 and I installed them in the right place... I did check the checklist and ran through it everything is fine.

    All the individual components work just fine. I'm really confused.
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  4. I have the same problem right now with no display on my pc. One mistake I made on my rebuild that actually didn't solve it but still very important.... Is the power cable plugged into the GPU? (if yours needs one)!

    With yours pc auto powering on in a new case. For me when i had that issue, it was a faulty power switch....

    I'd suggest testing without the power switch plugged in to ensure it stays off. If it comes auto+on then my guess is some form of short and would also suggest ensuring the motherboard screws are not too tight, then breadboarding it.

    Goodluck )
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  5. I'm having the same issue. I went through the whole check list and couldn't get it to get display. I've tried various RAM / PSU / Monitor cables (VGA, HDMI, DVI) and both integrated and the video card displays and no luck. It's making me nuts, I feel it may be the MoBo when I did the transfer but I've build these plenty of times and always use a strap and pad so idk what the issue could be.

    I checked CPU pins they look fine, everything boots and runs like it should but no display
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