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So the situation is i built a computer for my friend about a year ago and it crashed while playing crysis, upon booting it up it now it is running extremely slow for him. I havent seen it yet but he says that it boots up fine but takes a long time for him to even open start menu and he cant shut it down without unplugging or pressing the power button. I did just upgrade his computer last week from a 9800gt to an hd 6850, with a 550w Ultra Power Supply. First thing i thought of is the stock cpu fan failing but he said it is running fine. Specs are below and any advice is appreciated.
Amd Athlon II x4 2.6ghz
MSI 770 ATX am3 motherboard
2gb corsair ddr3 1333
320gb Western Digital Caviar Blue 7200rpm
HIS hd 6850
Ultra 550w Power Supply
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  1. Defragment HDD with CCleaner->;contentBody;1d I'm 85 percent sure that he just has a large memdump that needs to be removed
  2. If the computer speeds back up, the crashing problem is either a RAM, vid card, or driver issue
  3. Ultra 500w power supply

    I'd suspect that first because they are know to be junk.

    Did you install the latest AMD driver?

    Also did you properly clean out the nvidia drivers before installing the AMD drivers? That could cause driver conflicts.

    Does he do regular defrags?

    I find that re-installing windows every 6 months keeps my computer running really nice.
  4. It sounds like windows is having a hard time at intial load, check the msconfig and make sure that the pc doesn't have huge amounts uneeded programs booting. i've seen a similar problem on a pc and it was MSN messeger slowing the whole machine down when first booting into windows.
  5. check adobe also for misc. startup crap. Its updater runs all the bloody time...
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