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Finished a new build with an asus p8z68-v pro gen3 motherboard and an i7 2600k, and, when oc'd to 4.5 ghz, the proc maxes at 62, the motherboard at 30. I currently have it clocked at the stock speed of 3.4, and the thing is currently reading 20 and the mobo is reading 23. About ten minutes ago, I launched bfbc2, to compare to bf3. I got a message from windows asking to change the color screen and dismissed it. Then, the motherboard temp jumped to 108 about a minute later and stayed there until I put the computer into sleep mode. I resumed windows, and now all of the temps are back to normal. What happened? the exhaust fans were all blowing cool air, is it a software problem? Or is it a faulty sensor.
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  1. put all the fan at 100 in speed fan with auto control but something make the motherboard averheat do you have any case fan in
  2. But see, that is the thing, I would think it wouldn't overheat by 80 degrees in less than a second.
  3. did you raise the voltage when you overclock the cpu also still using the original cooler
  4. No, the voltage changed automatically. Everything is back to normal now, but I am using the cooler master hyper tx3. I haven't had any more mobo spikes, even when playing that game. It is currently idling at 24C. Should I just consider it to be an abnormal software error?
  5. could be but i would keep a eye on it
  6. What program are you using to monitor the temps? Sounds to me like you're getting an erroneous reading or looking at the wrong reading on the screen. I've seen several posts about temps lately and they seem to all be related to the software that is being used to mionitor the temps.
  7. Well, as you can see in the picture above, I was using speedfan, asus ai suite, gpu-z, and cpu-z.
  8. They show the same things as everything else, and the spike hasn't happened sense, so I am hoping it was a software error.
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