Nvidia 9800 GTX freezing when I start a game


I have a stable system which has been working fine since June 2008.

Mainboard: Gigabyte P35-DS3
GPU: Nvidia Geforce 9800 GTX
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3000MHz
Memory: 4096 MB
Hard Disk: Western Digital WD5000AAKS-00A7B2 ATA Device (500GB)

I mostly use it for playing games, did not experience any problems till now. Today while I was playing "World of Tanks", there has been a power fluctuation which lasted for a very tiny amount of time. Other electrical devices that has been working didn't turn off or reset, however my computer froze up. After rebooting the system, I tried to play the same game which resulted in a frozen screen, keyboard or mouse did not respond. So I tried a second reboot. Computer was up with 800x600 resolution. Device Manager had an exclamation mark on video card. At that point, I did a System Restore to 1 day ago. After reboot, screen resolution was back up to 1680x1050, it was all looking good. I decided to check video card by using a software and I found this:


The second I started the stability test on this software, computer froze up again. I tried updating video card drivers as well, it did not work.

I might go out to the electronics store and buy new hardware, but first I need to be sure which part is causing the problem.

Computer is up and running for more than 1 hours in 800x600 resolution. Could this be enough proof that the problem is caused by the video card? What can I do to find out the source?

Thank you.

video card temperatures 65-78 degress Celcius (like always)
I do routine registry/virus checks and keep my computer clean.
using Windows 7 64 bit
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