Can a Asus P5Q Pro...

Hey guys, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section, there's just so many options.

Well I'm getting two "M.S.I. N560GTX-TI Twin Frozr II/OC" cards, tomorrow.
My question is if my Asus P5Q pro can run both of these?

I googled for about 2 hours, I read a forum that said it only supports crossfire, and some other forum said it is indeed possible.. So I decided to ask it here to be sure.

Will I be able to run both on this motherboard or will I need a different one.
Also, any idea if my Q6600 @ 3,4 can keep up with them.. no bottlenecking etc?


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  1. It should run fine, but your CPU might bottleneck the GPUs a bit, with an overclock to 3.6ghz you should be fine
  2. Ah, awesome! thanks. It's a bit of a ridiculous upgrade for a older system yeah, but I can get these cards off with 50% with some coupon I still had from a store, so hell I'm going for it :p

    Just curious, 750 corsair PSU enough to run them? Forgot to ask that in my post.

    Thanks again
  3. the 750tx, hx, or ax will all handle those cards fine
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