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ECS P35T rebooting over & over


My desktop I built 4 years ago, out of the blue was in constant reboot loop when I came home from work the other day. After the bios check, the loading vista screen would come up & then instantly reboot. I had a hard drive with xp that I installed on the same computer laying around so I put that in, same thing. I thought maybe it was the power supply, so I replaced that... same thing. Then I thought maybe it was a memory problem, I have 4 x 1g sticks of ddr2 ram. I took them all out and put them in 1 by 1 and I got the same result with every one of them. The computer would load vista(slowly cause I was only using 1g ram) and stay up for about 5 min max before automatically rebooting. I have also unplugged both the dvd & bluray burners.
So basically, should I start looking for a new motherboard? That's my last guess as to what is wrong with this machine. This thing is driving me crazy.
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  1. more info of what i did today- I reseated the video card (nvidia 8800gts) and removed the cpu (Core 2 duo E8400) and put new thermal grease on between it and the heat sink & fan, no dice
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    Problem solved, put in a new motherboard & updated to a faster processor & everything is fine.
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