6850 cf vs 6970

What should I go for , a 6970 or 2x 6850 ? And what power supply do I need for them?
Thank you .
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  1. You should give your computer specs, what your running now. Monitor resolution.
    Have you ever run a 2 -gpu setup ?
    The fps or power in popular games will be much greater from 2 mid-high range cards (6850) vs one high end card (6970)
    but there are trade-offs
  2. I have :
    CPU : AMD Phenom x2 955 3.2 ghz
    MOTHERBOARD: msi 790FX-GD70(it supports cf)
    GPU : ATI 4870 1 gb
    MEMORY : 4 gb 1600
    HDD : 750 gb
    Monitor resolution : 1680x1050
    Power Supply : Deluxe 600 W
    OS : Windows 7 x64 Ultimate
    I know that the fps will be better in popular games ,but I saw that the ram of the video cards dosent add up so in a game like GTA 4 will I be abel to play at full detail ?
    Also is the 570 worth it ?
  3. At that resolution and PSU, a single 6970 is going to be everything you need. You'll have great FPS in almost any current game without the headaches of crossfire. Your PSU is boarderline for crossfire anyways.
  4. Well the 6850 is 1 gb ram (even in cf as ram is mirrored) while the 6950 and 6970 have 2 gb. From what I remember full details in GTA IV is video ram dependent so you might be better off with a 6950 or 6970 with more Vram if GTA IV is what you mainly want to play - will have more than enough power to max out the game.

    Also have you considered getting 1 x 6950? - $70 cheaper (30-35%) and only 10% slower at tops so its a lot better deal. Then save the cash to get 2 x 6950 later as the scaling appears to be good

    Also if you are looking for bang for the buck then I have seen some really good deals on the 5850:
    $ 180 with rebate is a steal if you can get the rebate

    5870s are also going for about $240-250 so that is a lot of bang for the buck
    Might let you down in the future though depending on how much tessalation becomes involved in future games

    Nvidia has some good cards but I would def not go with them with a 790FX as you have no upgrade (SLI) path
  5. btw what is a deluxe 600W psu - i have never heard of that brand?

    PSU is one of the critical parts of any pc check out proximon's guide here:


    maybe use that $70 to get a better psu
  6. The prices over here are bigger , way bigger , the 6950 has the price of the 6970 . And I was giving and example about GTA 4 , I dont really like the game . What about Crysis 2 , I know it didn't come out yet but I wanna play it at full when it comes out . The games I play : Arma 2 , Americas Army , Red Orchestra , Crysis / Crysis Warhead , BF BC 2 . So whats better for this kind of games ?
  7. are you in the uk? have you checked prices on overclockers:

    absolutley huge price gap - even more than US (£80~$120)
  8. Nope , I'm in romania.
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