1090T Idle Temperature

According to Speedfan sensor my System temp is 42C, CPU temp is 58C, and Core Temp is 48C in 1-10% CPU usage, should i worry about this?
i don't know my room temp, but maybe ~30C, i use stock cooler fan,
can someone tell me how to reduce the CPU temp without change cooler, maybe underclocking or something, and if i must change cooler can you give advice?
my CPU fan is too noisy, it spin at 6026 RPM
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  1. IT mostly depends on the voltage the CPU is running at. While at stock speeds, a CPU can usually run .1 volts to .15 volts lower than what it's set at. Try that.
  2. Are you sure it is being reported right? Try some other software to get the temperatures back. The Core temp should be higher than the CPU temp.

    Try reapplying thermal paste (good quality) to minimise air gaps between your CPU and the heatsink.

    Also you may want to improve your case's airflow by installing some more strategically placed fans.
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