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Hi :)
I currently have a computer connected to 2 monitors running WinXp. One is the main one and the other is just an extension that I can move windows to etc. With my ever growing need for even more space I now need 4 monitors and so I have a couple of questions:

1. OS: Does WinXp support 4 monitors at the same time? Do I need to upgrade to Win7?
2. GFX Card: How many cards should I buy? Or maybe just one card with 2 DVI outs splitting each of them? Whats better?
3. Stand: Right now the 2 monitors, they are side by side. I want no. 3 and 4 to be above the ones I have right now. How can I achieve that? Special stand? Does it even exist?

Really looking forward to your responses since I don't have a clue.
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  1. Wouldn't that cost a fortune?
    Besides it's a waste of money - I don't do gaming, all I want is to follow my stocks.
  2. I guess I was a little fast on the keyboard to rule that out.
    Thank you.
  3. No problem. I think you can find a 4-screen eyefinity 5770, which should be one of the cheapest options. You might also need a displayport adaptor but overall it shouldn't cost you more than $150-$200 overall (card + adaptor) seeing as you already have the screens in place.

    I do think you will need to upgrade to win 7 or vista too though.
  4. 5 Series won't do 4 on a single card, the 6 series will. Buy the cheapest 6 series card you can find.
  5. There are a couple of 5-series cards that can do 4-screen eyefinity.


    http://www.powercolor.com/us/products_features.asp?id=240 (5 screen)
  6. Fine, be that way:P

    The 5 series doesn't officially support 4 monitors.
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