Sparkle calibre gtx460 or msi cyclone gtx 460?? & nvidia or ATI??

hi guys

i am getting both brands i-e msi and sparkle calibre in same price..
which is better?? i think sparkle is low in quality but in sum forums i saw sparkle performs better than cyclone

which one should i buy??

ans also some of my friends said that ATI is better in quality as well as better in performance too.

plz guide me i must have to buy it tomorrow.

plz its urgent..

remember its not a simple gtx 460 its sparkle calibre version.

btw i like ATI but some says NVIDIA
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  1. never buy a sparkle , well at least a sparkle graphics card.. their psu's are alright

    as for ati vs nvidia in the gtx 460 range assuming 1 gig the competition is a hd 6850 they are close enough that without knowing what games you play i'd toss it up to which you can get for a better price
  2. If your motherboard is crossfire grab ATI. If it's SLI grab nVidia. If it's neither grab whichever one you want. Their performance is quite identical, however depending on the games you play we can recommend the one more suited for you.
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