Whats speakers would work with this Soundcard?

I was wondering what speakers could plug in here or set of speakers?

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  1. 5.1 speakers from the looks of that.
  2. Ok, but do they make speakers that plug directly into the sound card?

  3. Yes,but you don't have a dedicated soundcard,it's an onboard sound chip.
    Dedicated sound cards fit in the pci slots on your mobo and have all necessary connections.
    Like i said it appears your onboard sound has all the necessary connections for 5.1 speakers.
  4. Yep, most PC speakers use the green/orange/black colored jacks [3.5mm], and if you have RCA speakers [Red/White], you can buy a cheap RCA->3.5mm cable to make the connection. There are even 6.3mm (1/4") to 3.5mm cables out there for higher quality studio speakers.

    If its analog, you can probably find a way to hook up the speakers you want to use.
  5. Hi,
    It's mostly about what power & configuration your speakers need. If you don't have a sound card & are only using onboard sound (what you've pictured) Your speakers will always connect through here (bar a few exceptions like usb headphones),
    There is 2 channels per port or plug and each channel has 2 wires/contacts.

    If your speakers are 2 channel (left & right) theyll plug in the green one.

    If your speakers are 5.1 channel as above (left, right, center, sub, rear left, rear right) theyll plug into green, orange, black ones

    You could buy a 5.1 and set it up like in this picture;
    Note that a sound card is pictured but the colours and theory is the same.

    You would have to configure your Windows to output 5.1 sound within Control Panel -> Sound, or your onboard sound control panel.

    If your speakers require power theyll have a plug that comes with them to plug them into the wall, if not - no plug. Generally powered ones are louder as they have a built in amplifier.
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