сrossfire on the PCI-Ex4

Good morning!
I would like to make crossfire with two grafics cards AMD HD 6850
and use for they task my PC; motherboard ECS H67 H2-A3 with
2 PCI-E x16, but one from them work as PCI-Ex4, and I'm not sure,is it posibility?
Please help me?
Thank you!
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  1. Yes, that board will accept 2 HD 6850s in Xfire. One on the x16 (PCIe) slot and one on the x4 (PCIe) slot. But I doubt you'll be happy with the results. I had a similar board (Biostar) with x16, x4 and two Sapphire Radeon HD 6850s. The benchmarks I ran with the two cards were only a tiny bit better than the single card. Some were slightly lower. I believe the lesser bandwidth of the x4 slot drags down the performance of the card in the x16 slot. At any rate, it was a fail as far as I was concerned.
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