Athlon II X2 vs. Phenom II X2

I am upgrading my moms computer from a P4 dual core 2.8Ghz.

I am aware of the L3 cache in the Phenom II series and the Black Edition is using the Deneb architecture.

My mom does mostly graphic rendering like Bryce 7, Paint Shop Pro and am trying to get her into the Eon-Vue 8.5 stuff. I want to build her something that will make her Bryce 7 (especially) render in seconds vs. minute(s).

*I want to stay with AMD (more affordable)
*Build as affordable (cheapest) as possible while still keeping integrity (will pay a little more if it's worth it.
*I also am upgrading her AGP based board with a PCIe x16 slot to have more affordable GPU choices (vs. AGP 512 is like $80!!!) The AM3 board I have selected has Radeon 4250 and AMD 880G/SB710 chipset onboard. Do I even NEED to add a GPU to this setup?

However my $20 price difference question(s) are;

1] Is there any advantage over the Athlon II series and the Phenom II series for doing graphic/rendering times?
2] Do I even need to add a GPU to this MoBo setup for my mom to accomplish her type of graphic renderings?

What would you recommend?
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  1. i still suggest you buy an intel i3 2100.It has more future proofness in it.Ivy bridge would support the 1155.
  2. But if you dont consider my advice, then the difference between athlon and phenom is level 3 cache that you is explained in the sites review:,2416.html
  3. I just found out that Bryce 7 does NOT use more than one core whereas Eon-Vue does.

    GOD I am pized-off at ALL the work I have been putting into this rig of hers to NOT EVEN MATTER!!! 3 frikkin' WEEKS of boggling to find out this CRAPPY program doesn't even implement multi core rendering.

    ........ AAAGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. yes but even though most programs enact multicore programming in their software you should at least buy a 4 core cpu.It would serve you and her both in the long run.
  5. yeah you are better off buying a cheap AMD quad then buying an expensive dual core in the 2100, the motherboard for the SB chips are not cheap either, you can get an am3 mobo and possible something along the lines of a p2 x4 955 for a lot less money then a p67 setup... on the other hand if you are going for a 2500k or better then id say go for it but it will cost significantly more and a 955 with a nice oc will likely serve your needs best imo
  6. +1 to jjb8675309
  7. Also you have to remember, windows computers generally do more than one task at a time. A single core CPU may be all one program needs, but remember all the things happening in the background like automatic updates, virus scanners, multitasking with more than one program open, this is where you will see a benefit from a multi-core cpu. It will make the whole system feel faster and there will be less periods of slow-downs.
  8. yeah, I am just gonna get her a boxed Athlon II x3 and 4GB of DR3 with a new board for $160 shipped. I am done screwing around with this Bryce 7 program that doesn't do multi core tasking. oh well, she said she really wants to start using the Eon-Vue 8.5 I got her last year (FINALLY!!! $1500 bucks is going to finally get used!!!)

    --- END OF THREAD ---
  9. The MoBo I have chosen is the ZOTAC GF6100-F-E AM3 board - it doesn't appear this board unlocks.

    :ouch: ...wait a minute...

    I just went and looked just one last time and it appears the ASRock N68C-S UCC will do this for $5 LESS! COOL thanks for your words. I overlooked this MoBo because @ first all I saw was DDR2 - but I happen to see it supports DDR3 - IF I am using an AM3 CPU. :o

    so, YEAH, that would be a plus. :bounce:

    Thanks! :hello:

    PEACE! :wahoo:
  10. ^ +1
  11. +1 to PShacker12.Those are am2+ mobos.And also consider that if you buy more cores you could also switch off active cores.
  12. ghnader hsmithot said:
    i still suggest you buy an intel i3 2100.It has more future proofness in it.Ivy bridge would support the 1155.

    todays s1155 chips won't support ivy bridge.
  13. @ malmental - what mistake could you call me on?

    when I wrote that entry you quoted me on, I was fed up with the hours I spent looking for good equipment to allow my mother's favorite program BRYCE 7 to flourish in all it's new-found glory to find out the crappy program doesn't even utilize more than one cpu core (probably even 0.0000125 of a thread! LOL)

    so i was bummed about that, and just said to hell with it, and just grabbed the first cheapest stuff i could find. (THAT is a mistake)

    since that last posting, I have since gone back to what I was gonna get her in the first place:

    BIOSTAR A880G+ AM3 AMD 880G HDMI Micro ATX AMD Motherboard

    and a tricore RANA athlon II to plant into it.

    i am not concerned about building her a machine for her Bryce 7 program any longer because she is ready to move on up to using Eon's VUE 8.5 xStream which DOES support multi core processors and plenty of threads.

    so please write back malmental - my shop is ALWAYS open for a lesson to be learned! That's why i belong to the tomshardware community.
  14. d00d - tomshardware ALL ways seems to be messed up about sending thread reaponses... just got your last one.

    I decided to get my mom this one:
    Galaxy 43GGS8HX3SPZ GeForce GT 430 (Fermi) 1GB 128-bit DDR3

    and I got the EVGA GTS 450 SC edition for myself.
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  16. no way man - NO open boxes for me!!! - i already inquired about the process with a motherboard and found out with some SERIOUS assed tooth pulling and arm bending, newegg in FACT does NOT test products they recieve back. AAAnd if I am not mistaken, they are considering changing that policy all around to be able to list all as recertified vs. just plain old open box.

    and recert stuff goes pretty darned quick especially when one is on a budget and can only purchase at specific given intervals - you know what i mean man, livin' paycheck to paycheck whereas saving is a luxury LOL.

    I highly respect you Mal, and have learned very much from you, and feel a little butt hurt when you say i have a starter card LOL.

    don't get all teary eyed on me, man... i LOVE when i hear the T.R.U.T.H.!!!

    how the frik else would i know. but i already knew that (nanner nanner nanner LOL) yeah i know it is (well next to the bottom tier [GTS 200 series]) but it was what i could afford #1 (99 bucks shipped - includes rebate) #2 it was 2 tier of 5 (or 6 now) and last but not least.... (drum roll) i am using a 256MB geforce right now (and THAT is ok in my book to laugh yo' ass off @ HAHAHAH!!!). so anything right now would be better. and actually one more thing, from what i read in forums 2 of the GTS 450 in sli is plenty enough for most demanding needs. i am not a professional gamer (in other words - i don't get paid to play) so it was the most logical for me at this time. but PLEASE gimme some feed back on this matter if you wish.
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