Help me upgrade from 4870

How to upgrade from a 4870?

My brother decided to buy me a graphics card for x-mas - the Radeon HD 5670. But he didn't know it wasn't an upgrade. After researching that card and giving it a try I saw no noticeable improvement and in some cases a degradation in FPS.

So we are returning it and I am going to throw in about $150 dollars plus his $100 totaling $250 for an upgrade. Is it possible? Should I crossfire with another 4xx series instead of buying a replacement? Should I switch to a GTX 4xxx or some other card?

I would buy another 4870 and crossfire them but it seems quality choices for that card are slim. Anyone know of any good 4870 cards still for sale out there?

Any ideas?
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  1. Bump for help
  2. You could keep the 4870 and look for another cheap on ebay - I wouldn't pay more than 70-80 dollars and I would only do it with the 1 GB version, not the 512 mb. That would give you good returns but no direct X11 - so possibly not as good graphics in new games but cheap (60-80 bucks total).

    Or you could sell your card on ebay and get a new card. Which new card would depend on your system specs screen and such so if you post that I'm sure we could give suggestions. Right now $250 bucks buys you a 5870 or a GTX 470 if you want to spend it all
  3. SLI 4870 1GB is older but worth it. Still very powerfull
  4. Crossfired HD 4870s isn't a bad idea.However, I can't find any 4870 on Newegg.
    Since you're spending 250 $, I say go for a single HD 6870.
  5. I have 2 x 4870s in crossfire and it runs every game I have at maximum settings fine at 1080 if you can find another one get it. Also get one with the same RAM as the one you have. you would need to spend the whole $250 to get better performance and then only slightly.
  6. I agree w/ Tamz, for $250 you can find a nice 6870 on newegg from Sapphire.
  7. Hmmm, whatever happened to mousemonkey?

    Anyways, the 5870/6870 is a great deal. If you can sell the 4870 then either will work great and perform faster while staying cooler.
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