Bob's hierarchy chart.

Hopefully this can awnser a few question, Im tired of explaining that the 6870 isnt AMD's new high end GPU part etc.

GTX 580 SLI (1000$, preforms very close to 570 SLI and 6970 CFX, but still faster)
Radeon 6970 CFX (750$)
GTX 570 SLI (350$ per card, 700$)
Radeon 6950 CFX (500$-600$), 5970 CFX, GTX 480 SLI. (Both radeona dn the GTX are being outmodded)
Radeon 5970, GTX 580, GTX 460 1gb SLI (Radeon 5970 is ((380$-700$)), once again, AMD clearign stock so the occasional deal pops up once in a while. GTX is 500$., the 460s are 160$ ea.
Gtx 570, Radeon 6970 (GTX 350$, Radeon 375$)
Radeon 6950 300$ , GTX 295 (old/outdated) , 4890 CF, (old/decomishned) , GTX 480 (old/decmoshned)
Radeon 5870, Radeon 4870x2 (old/outdated) (5870 is 210$-220$-280-400$) (AMD clearign stock some deals out there)
Radeon 6870 245$-250$ , GTX 470 ( 210$-220$).
Gtx 470 (Idk, Should be 185$ though)
GTX 460 1gb, Radeon 6850, Radeon 5850 (150$-180$)
GTX 285 (old)
Radeon 4890. (old/decomishned), GTX 280. (old)
Radeon 5830 ( decomishened/pos card), GTX 465 (did they ever sell one of these turds?),
9800 GX2. (So old it hurts)
Radeon 5770, Radeon 4870 1gb., GTX 260 216sp. 5770 is 120-140$ or so, 4870 is old/outdated, so is 260.
GTX 260 192sp.
Radeon 4870 512mb (old)
Gts 250 1gb Radeon 4850 1gb ( GTS is 110$* overpriced*, 4850 is old/ decomishned)
Radeon 5750. (100$+-120$), overpirced from luanch to de comision, GTS 450 (90$-110$)
9800GTX + (old) 4850 512mb, (old) GTS 250 512mb (old), Gt 450 (90$-120$)
Gt 240, ( Card is a major Meh)
Radeon 4830, (old) Radeon 5670 (way overpriced at 80$) , 8800 GTX, (old) 3870 x2 (old)

Below this point, Just get yourself a new damn card.

If anyone thinks a forgot a card, or put somethign in the wrong place, feel free to say so.
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  1. radeon 5750 and gts450, should be put in roughly the same slot as gts250,
  2. Cool, added.

    I forgot about the 5750 becuase of how unimpresed i was after its luanch. (within 15$ of a 5770 cmon)and the GTS 450 totally sliped under my radar, fromw aht i can see its the same as the GTS 250 excpet based on GF106 and DX 11.
  3. Why is GT 240 below HD 5670?
  4. I just like your little comments next to some of those cards.

    Also, GTX 460 SLI + high user OC is still the best high-end value solution today.
  5. IMO 5750 should be on the same level on GTS 250.
  6. It should, and the GT240 is below the 4830, 9800GT, etc. The 4890 and the GTX285 also shouldn't share a spot. The 5830 is about as equal as the GTX460, but it cost more which was its downfall.

    The problem with these threads is you'll never get people to agree. That and if they could search the net, they wouldn't be posting in the first place.
  7. 1. The GT 240 is ABOVE the 4830. And the GTX 9800+ = rebranded GTS 250, so it > Gts 240.
    2. 4890 and GTX 285 dotn share a spot.

    3. We can reach a general concensus, as im not orefdering all card sone after another, there are levels.
  8. why is the 450 below the 5750 when it preforms beteen the 5770 and 5750?



    note you can get a gts 450 for 100 or even 90 after rebate
  9. Hmm, oops.

    Also, the gts 450 ties a GTS 250 in eveyr benchamrk Ive seen.
  10. And most have the 5750 beating the gts 250 easily enough so figure that one out.
  11. GTS250 < 5750 < GTS450. I would say however that the 5750 is only SLIGHTLY faster then the GTS250.

    How do you figure that the GT240 is faster then the 4830? The 4830 and the 88/9800GT were about equal, and the GT240 is basically performs like an 9600GT. I find it hard to believe that the GT240 is faster then a 4830.
  12. 4745454b said:
    GTS250 < 5750 < GTS450. I would say however that the 5750 is only SLIGHTLY faster then the GTS250.

    I'd say GTS250 = 5750 = GTS450. Just a difference of 8%-10% of performance...

    Though if you take power draw and price, plus minus here and there, I'd say 5750 and 450 are neck to neck. Just the matter of preference.

    Though not having DX11 can be a minus point for 250. But still its a good card, I mean competing with a new generation card.
  13. Perhaps for the stock GTS450. Once its been overclocked however it performs with a percent or two of the 5770. The FTW/OC'd cards are no where near the 5750.

    I love how he left out the 8800/9800GT, and somehow the 4830 = 8800GTX? And both those cards are slower then the GT240? I should probably stop following this thread before I get banned for saying something....
  14. 5770 ~ GTS 450 < 5750 = GTS 250 = all rebrandings of the same card = 4850

    As far as I know.
  15. Sticky. This. Now.
  16. Why? Its crap.
  17. 4745454b said:
    Why? Its crap.

    I just saw the list, I really didn't evaluate it for truth TBH. I think someone needs to do one of these properly and get it stickied because I am so tired of having to wade through hundreds of posts re: IS TEH RAIDEEON BETTER TEN TEH GFORCE?! SO annoying. :fou:
  18. If they really wanted to know they could read the best card for the $$$ articles. That should let them know.
  19. 4745454b said:
    If they really wanted to know they could read the best card for the $$$ articles. That should let them know.

    Indeed. There are actually significantly more inaccuracies and omissions than what has already been brought up but even if it didn't have these issue this list is really quite redundant. As you say there's the hierarchy chart every month from Tom's;,2803-7.html
    There's this comprehensive chart from;
    and there are the popular charts from techpowerup with more specific performance ratings.
    If you want to use any or all of the above as a basis for a new chart and add SLI/Crossfire configurations then maybe it would be useful but it would take a lot of research to do properly. If you want to add pricing info for the current cards it would need to be updated very frequently which would take a lot of time on a regular basis.
  20. Which as you pointed out is already done. This thread seriously needs a lock.
  21. Yeah, I wonder why I forgot about that section.
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