GTX 480 PSU Help!!

I currently have a PSU with 700W, 2 +12v rails. Each rail is rated at 23A. The GTX 480 requires 42 amps on a +12v rail and uses a 6pin & 8 pin connector. Am I screwed as far as the PSU is concerned... Or... Could I hook the two separate rails (23amps each = 46 amps) into the separate pins to run the card?

I appreciate the help.

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  1. what is the psu and the brand?

    I think its a dual rail.That each 12vrail can deliver up to 23amps then this equals to 46amps of continuous power.
  2. Make and model of PSU please.
  3. ghnader i think we posted together, haha
  4. indeed.
  5. Raidmax RX-700F. I know it's not the greatest but it ran my 9800gtx+ for the last 2+ years.
  6. ...

    if you want it to blow up and probably kill everything in your computer... Then yes go ahead and try it. Raidmax is synonymous with crap and unless they've improved over the last few years ( not to my knowledge ) then its still utter crap.

    Switch it out for a brand name PSU with at least 50 amps on the 12v rails .
  7. What is spec?

  8. Then what is the point of having 2 +12v rails with only 23v each? Are the separate rails meant for SLI/Crossfire (run 1 card on each?)? If so, why are single rail PSUs with 50+amp rails considered SLI/Crossfire ready?

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