Will a amd 955 3.6ghz bottleneck a gtx 460?

does it?
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  1. No. AMD cpu's have weird bottlenecks in some particular games, but generally the 955 is a great value gaming cpu.
  2. no way, even a stock 955 would not bottleneck it.
  3. idk cause in crisis 1920x1080 has 40 fps on 32 inch screen and the same in 1440x900 on my smaller screen 19 inch
  4. Agree with the above.

    You might like to read this THG article about balanced systems.


    Unfortunately it is over a year old. It uses the 955 in the analysis but video cards are a little outdated. Still it uses a GTX 260 which in many ways is similar to the GTX 460 and shows that the 260 is not constrained even by smaller CPUs.
  5. bushnaq please don't use crysis as a benchmark anymore, it is a terribly optimized game.
  6. so im fine then? no bottlenecks? what if id like to sli in the future ? bare with me pls xD
  7. you would be fine with sli but does your motherboard support it?
  8. supports crossfire but gunna try sli patch
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