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Hey guys. My friend gave me his old case since mine is a stock Dell Inspirion 580 case. Om my Dell one, it has the plug for the power switch, reset switch, etc.. all in one plug. On this case, it's in a few plugs. I don't know how to wire it. I mean I'm pretty tech savvy, but I'm thinking the case is too old for my motherboard. Leme know what you guys think.

Plugs >>>

Case is a RAIDMAX I believe since it has a hurricane/tornado looking thing on the side. It has red LEDs around the front border of the computer, and a red LED fan in the center of the hurricane/tornado side panel. Can anyone help?

If what you say actually works, I'll paypal you some money. It wont be much, but it's better than nothing :)
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  1. Read your MoBo Manual (download if you don't have) will contain clear instructions on what to connect where. The connections are usually at the lower right hand corner of the MoBo in most tower cases and if ya have real good eyes, you can read it on the board.
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