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I am wondering which kind of front fan I should get and which of the two 200mm fans NZXT makes should I get to mount in the second 200mm slot, I would prefer blue leds for the 120mm but I would like to maximize airflow as well. Lastly if you have any knowledge on the subject which fans should I get to replace the stock Corsair A70 heatsink fans?
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  1. Far as the 120mm fans the best ones for the money I've had luck with are the Cooler Master Sickle Flow 2000rpm 70cfpm Not overly loud like some high rpm fans and plenty of cooling. They make blue, green, and red and best of all they aren't expensive 8.28 each free shipping.
  2. Thanks, if they seem to look good I might buy 3, two for A70 and the one for the front fan, also a friend told me which 200mm fan to get so I'm set. Thanks for the help
  3. Turns out I'm not done actually, forgot the front slot can take up to 140mm, does anyone have any suggestions for a blue Led 140mm?
  4. Currently using these Aerocool Shark Black Edition in my NZXT Tempest v1 atm ^.^ works good and 96.5cfpm 13.99 on sale atm normally about 18.00
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    well those others weren't blue lights but a few dollars cheaper than the ones that does have them for 15.99
  6. Noice, I think I will get these,

    NZXT FN-200RB 200mm Case Fan

    AeroCool Shark 140mm Black Edition 140mm Blue LED Case Fan

    2x AeroCool Shark 120mm Blue Edition 120mm Blue LED Case Fan

    Looks pretty solid, $62 bucks to make my case cooler... why not. Oh, and the reason I switched the CM fans for Aerocool is because I like things looking similar, so a CM and a Aerocool fan would bug me.
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  8. actually the black edition is on sale for 13.99
  9. idk unless the sale ended already on that
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