Sapphire vapor X 5770 V MSI Hawk 5770

What ones best
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  1. Please state your reason for choosing
  2. The Hawx because its shiny.

    But seriously there both pretty much the same, the hawx has a slightly higher factory overclock (875Mhz Vs the Vapor-X's 860Mhz), they both have aftermarket coolers that are very effective, and they both require one 6 pin PCI-E connector.

    Flip a coin?
  3. Msi hawk:

    1) msi has afterburner..easy to use overclocking software/monitoring
    2) msi has 3 year warranty. the other has 2
    3)I have a gtx 470 msi twin frozr 2..and it stays cool and quiet even if the fans are maxed.
    4)both have decent reviews but on newegg theres almost 3x the amount for the msi hawk
    5)Msi uses military grade parts

    Msi makes some of the best graphics cards. great warranty. only problem is the rebate. i bought my card in october and sent the rebate in. 2 weeks ago it finally approved and im waiting for the $30. but most people have problems following their exact directions and you only have 1 chance to submit.
  4. rebates arent worth the time and effort. You should expect months for your money to come back. But yeah, if they are the same price, as already said, the MSI with the 3 year warranty and slightly higher stock clock speed and its an overall more reliable brand.
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