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Best video card for gaming on this system

(i dont know what my motherboard is)

Purpose: gaming: league of legends, vindictus, WoW, PWI. on max settings.

tell me what info u need. thanks for your time! :hello:
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  1. What's your monitor's resolution? Power supply? Can you OC your processor? What's your budget?
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    you want max settings... and you want it to run need to upgrade the CPU and video card. but yeah, need to know you PSU make/model, motherboard make/model and monitor resolution. For max settings with 1920x1080 resolution a gtx460 or better and phenomII x4 would be a good start.
  3. find the model # on that presario. You can get the motherboard info on the support site for HP.
  4. would agree with the people above who said you need to upgrade your cpu, but at least try to OC it a bit, and If you have an ample power supply(which you need to let us know about) then I would say go for something in the ballpark of a gtx 460 or better. Your cpu will still be holding you back a bit... but you can still have a decent setup with a video card upgrade as previously mentioned but what kind of psu do you have? make and model?
  5. Here is the motherboard specification and yeah i just bought a hd5770 with an ultra 550 watt psu. how about it? perhaps ram upgrade is needed too?
    here is other info
  6. You're pretty much stuck unless you want to upgrade to a high-clocked quad-core athlon or so. The most you want to put with your processor is what you got, an HD5770.
  7. Ah i see so upgrading my CPU is the best way? one last question is adding a cpu that easy? like pop it out then pop the new one in? thanks a lot guys.
  8. Yes, all CPUs are ZIF (zero-insertion force), meaning it literally drops in. Align the pins right and just drop it it.
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