Does the CM Storm Scout hsve s ywo color power LED

I recently ordered a CoolerMaster Storm Scout Case with an Intel DH67BL Motherboard which has a two color power LED header

Does this case accomodate the twp color power LED Option ???????????

Table 28. States for a Two-Color Power LED
LED State Description
Off Power off
Steady Green Running
Steady Yellow Sleeping
The colors listed in Table 27 and Table 28 are suggested colors only. Actual LED
colors are chassis-specific.
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  1. hey,
    i got a storm scout the other day. mine came with a front 140mm red led fan, a rear 120mm red led fan, and a top 140mm black one. the switch on the front/top panel allows you to turn the light on of off on the two red ones.
    these fans dont coonect to your motherboard, but i guess you could make it, but it would be hard to turn it on and off than
  2. What color is your power on led and does it change color when the computer sleeps
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