8600gt or HD 4650? Need help deciding. No Fanboys Please

I have an optiplex 745 sff.
Pentium D 945 3.4 (will upgrade to C2D or C2Q in future)
Card needs to be low profile and low power usage (280 watt PSU rated 25w on PCI E 16)
only using 1 HD, 1 optical, 4 sticks 512mb ram, 2 fans might add soundcard in future .
Dells PSUs known to be pushed harder than the rating.
also prefer no power connector.
so i am deciding between these two.
I dont game much
games I play are (crysis WH,L4D2,Far Cry 2 and I want to try Bioshock 2)
the other games play fine on my old Dual Xeon P4 3.2/7600 gs OCd
havent tried BShock2 on that system yet.
low to med settings are fine
the 4650 is 1gb 128 bit for about 60
the 8600 gt I can trade my 7600gs AGP straight out for it
Any opinions,advice,ranting and raving is appreciated :D
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More about 8600gt 4650 deciding fanboys please
  1. 8600GT DDR3 = HD4650
    HD4650 > 8600GT DDR2
    HD4670 > All
  2. I like that.
    Simple and to the point
    I just saw the 512mb 4650 for 48.99 and free shipping.
    Is it worth an extra ten for the 1gb model?
    And can my PSU can handle it?
  3. What resolution are you using?
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    1GB of vRam is only useful for resolutions at 1680x1050 and above. The HD4650 will be forced to play on all 'low' settings at those res's, thus making 1GB of vRam virtually useless.

    I ran an OC'd C2D and HD4650 on a 250W Dell PSU. You'll be fine.
    No, it's not worth it.
    Yes, your PSU can handle it.
  5. 4650 will not make use of that memory save the 10 dollars
  6. well my native res is 1920x1080
    I just tried BShock on my OCd 7600 gs and it plays low settings and 1024x768
    so I figure the 4650 will be definitely way better than a 7600gs
    Thank you all for your advice especially about the power usage of 4650
    I was worried about that.
    I think I will splurge for the 1gb model.
    It cant hurt to have the extra memory.
    Plus I do play L4D2 at 1920x1080 on my old system so it could help.
    I am really more of a multimedia guy (HD vids,recording Netflix ,encoding etc)
    I appreciate the help
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
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