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Hello everyone!

I'm from Israel and I'm building a new system for my home use as i'm firstly a gamer and secondly a photographer (Photoshop) and Video editor (Sony Vegas/After Effects)

Right now I have a ~3 years old system which has a Q6600 CPU, Geforce 8800GT and 4GB of ram (that's pretty much the important stuff)

As you know, March/May are going to be a big months for Gamers and i do wish to run games such as Crysis 2 and all the rest high-end games as good as possible (And yes I am fully aware Crysis 2 is most likely to be the BIGGEST resource consuming game ever made)

The System i built :

Intel Core i5 2500K 3.3Ghz, s1155, 6MB, GPU Core, Tray - 292$
Asus P8P67 s1155 Core i3/i5/i7, Intel P67, DDR3 1600, 2xPCI-E - 225$
2x4GB 1600Mhz Patriot Gamer 2 Series Dual Channel - 167$
Nvidia Geforce Asus GTX570 1280MB GDDR5 DX11 2xDVI Mini HDMI PCI-E - 456$
Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB 7200RPM, 64MB, SATA III WD1002FAEX - 112$
LG DVD±RW GH22LS50 x22 Black LightScribe SATA (Retail) - 39$
Antec Dark Fleet DF-35 ATX Mid Tower Black Case (No PSU) - 139$
Corsair TX 850W Active PFC 12cm Fan - 175$

Total Price : 1605$

***All the prices are in Israeli Shekels divided by 3.7 (US $ rate) and showed to you above***

I would like to get your opinion on the system and if there is anything i should change regarding it for more money/performance..

Thanks alot,
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  1. I thought all the ASUS motherboards were recalled - are you planning on waiting until April when they start selling again? I recommend waiting until you can get the motherboard before buying the other parts so you can return them if they are DOA.

    Since you are planning on overclocking, then you should get an aftermarket heatsink to maximize performance. Consider a Cooler Master Hyper 212 plus for a reasonable alternative.

    All the other parts are compatible and reasonably balanced.
  2. I didn't mention an Overclock.. as I'm quite a newbie for anything regarding overclocking..

    About the ASUS motherboards being recalled, I didn't know about that, so maybe i can swap it with a gigabyte motherboard? or is it that important to wait for the asus one ?

    Regarding the overclocking again, this system wont hold out without overclocking ?
  3. The CPU is a "k" version, which means that it is meant to overclock, and quite easily, I might add. You pay a premium to overclock, so I assumed that is what you wanted to do.

    All Sandybridge motherboards have been recalled, not just ASUS. If you want a machine now, then you have to go with LGA 1156 motherboard, and an i5-760 CPU. Of course if somebody is willing to sell you a Sandybridge motherboard now you can always swap it out later, provided you don't mind rebuilding your machine!
  4. Oh is see, i tought the K isn't just an overclocked ready version of the CPU.. anyway, regarding the Recall's, is there any chance we will see a sandy bridge compatible mobo before april ?
  5. Some time in March the motherboard manufacturers are expected to start replacing the existing boards that have already been sold. The speculation is that it might take a month, and boards could be on the market for new customers some time in April (May?). There is no firm information, and each manufacturer will probably have their own timetable.
  6. I see.. Well i appreciate the help mate !
    You sure did saved me from making a huge mistake as i didn't know about the recall of the mobos..
    I assume i will have to wait with the purchase as there is no good in buying a NON sandy bridge CPU.. the sandy ones are just way better from what i understand..
    So thanks again !
  7. You are welcome.
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