What video cards are compatible with emx-mcp61s-avl

do you have any idea on what graphic card is compatible with my emxx board emx-mcp61s-avl???
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  1. It has a PCI-E x8 slot, which means it can run almost all PCI-E graphics cards without slowing them down, excluding a few of the latest cards that need x16 speed to make full use of them.

    What kind of budget are you on for a new GPU?
  2. http://www.emaxxtech.com/products.php?id=1
    Is that your board? Yes, it has PCIE slot with x8 speed.
    Well, almost any PCIE card will work on your board (2.0 and NOT 2.1).
    Why don't you tell us your FULL specs here and budget so we can make suggestions for you... :)
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