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i have a asrock amd 970 extreme 3 motherboard. There's nothing wrong with it, but i felt like upgrading the bios to 1.20. i am aware of its dangers, am hesitating to upgrade. What is the safest way to go about?
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    There is no "Safe" way. It is just preference since all methods of updating the BIOS have the same risks.

    If everything is working, you should not update the BIOS. It makes no sense to do it. You are taking a risk, that could potentially brick your mobo, for absolutely no gains. It is a pointless endeavor.

    BUT, if you are going to do it anyways, I usually use the USB Flash Utility method.
    (Which your MOBO supports) It is the easiest/quickest way IMO.
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  3. the only times i should upgrade if for instance a BSOD were to pop up
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