Hd 5850 crossfire

sup guys, will a pair of hd 5850 max out any game at 1680x1050 and 1920x1050 resolution?? im not planning on doing eyefinity. and one more question, can i pair a non reference card with a reference one??

thx guys any comment will be appreciated, games i will be playing are crysis, metro 2033, call of duty black ops, crysis 2 when it comes out, world in conflict, and stuff like that maxing out AA and AF
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  1. Yea you could max out all settings with x2 5850's
    I am not sure about the reference and non reference,but if has to guess i would say yes,as long as they are from the same series EX:58xx 68xx

    A pair of 5850's is "the best" but this is crysis 2 your talking about ya know.Might be able to max it out but might loose some AA.
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    2 x 5850's should play anything no prob... and yes, you can pair a reference with a non-reference
  3. thx for answers guys
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