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SLI GTX 460 768mb Bottleneck

Hey I'm wondering If I get 2 GTX 460's 768mb if the memory would cause me any bottlenecks playing at 1080p. Games I play are all COD, BFBC2, Crysis.
I can get the 1GB version but can only buy 1 card now instead of 2. I'd like to get the 768mb version's as long as they don't cripple me.
Looking at ASUS DirectCU TOP or EVGA stock clocks model.
I will be Ocing to 850 core.
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    I would get the 1G version and save money for another,that way you will be safe in 1080p performance and for the future making them last longer.
  2. ^damn, thats what I was afraid of haha.
    thanks for the reply.
  3. one 460 should be close to maxing out those games tho.
  4. ^+1 I would get 1 x 1Gb one and see if you think you need another one when you have tried it. 2 x 768Mb ones is more than you need but the 1Gb is so worth the extra its a tough call if you do get 2.
  5. purple stank said:
    one 460 should be close to maxing out those games tho.

    Crysis? LOL Two 1gb won't max out crysis.
  6. I got the 1GB version and you are better off with it instead of the cripple version. Most games are going to run smooth any way on a single card till you start playing with much more recent games then you might have to cut corners with the settings but beyond that a second 1gb down the road will be cheaper than you might think.
  7. ^@nforce4max which card did you get? I'm prob gonna get the EVGA GTX 460 FTW because I don't want to OC myself, and since I'm getting 1 now I want the highest clocked.

    @geekapproved, two gtx 460's sli should be able to get around 45fps on Crysis 1080p max. Which is enough to not see stuttering.
  8. I got the Gigabyte version thinking that it was the best for me and somewhat it still is but you got to know that most gtx460s out there don't have all around cooling for the whole card. The Gigabyte version is known for it's silent cooler but it doesn't move enough air to keep the power vrm and the other models from other brands either have no cooling there at all or there isn't enough airflow. The Hawk is one of the best cards to mod with the cyclone in second. The Gigabyte is also a decent card to mod if one has the right skills. The reference cards aren't the best to get. The EVGA cards at least come with a great warranty and a 90 day step up program.
  9. Well, like I said, I won't be OCing myself so cooling shouldn't be a problem. the Evga GTX 460 FTW has the highest clock and I've read reviews and it's temps are in check so should work fine.

    Thanks everyone!
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