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Hey guys, I'm completely new to servers so I could use some help/advice when it comes to this build. I'm planning on buying a pre-built server for a family member's business. It will be mainly used for file and printer sharing, accounting server, inventory server (uses sql 2005). Long term that may expand to other server applications but I don't anticipate us hosting our website or an exchange server. About 6 clients PCs all running Win7 although a few more (2-3) may be added in the future.

Business: Small Business - Industrial Manufacturing

Users: 6-8 Users In-House (all Win7), 1-2 Remote Users

Main Usage: File Storage (Basic Office Docs, Photos), Printer Server, Accounting System, Inventory System (uses
SQL 2005)

Other: Server may be used to connect remotely when out of the office (file access) and for remote management

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: I'm ready to buy today or anytime after that.

BUDGET RANGE: $1000 Max (excluding OS)

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: File-Sharing, Accounting, Inventory, Photo-Sharing, Remote Access

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers


PARTS PREFERENCES: by brand or type: Mostly open to anything



I have access to a cheap license for Windows Server 2008R2 so I thought that would be a good choice for the OS. Doing some research I came across the Dell Poweredge T110 ( [...] 1137-194r0) which happens to be quite cheap right now so I'm wondering people's thoughts on it. Is it overkill for what I'm doing or not powerful enough?

The plan would be to run 2 sets of drives in RAID 1 (one set for the OS, the other for data). I'd probably dump the oem drive and buy 4 WD Blacks but not sure if I should go for the RE4 or standard version. Also looking to dump the stock ram and just put 8gb in there (2x4gb). Based on my requirements, what size of drive would I mostly like require for the OS? Are my choices for the drive adequate?

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Don't be afraid to steer me away from my current path because all of the ideas I've come up with are based on the bit of research I've done.
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  1. You should post this again in the networkish section but another thing do you want it headless or does it matter. Are you comfortable with Linux(FreeNAS or Ubuntu Server). you may want to google different types of servers. likely what you are looking for is a sshd(i think) which is a headless unit you can operate over the the internet and through the wired connection. just do a little bit of research on NAS and dont do RAID one with a $1000 budget you could spend some more on some more drives look on ebay for the different types of server case you want and youtube some videos about file sharing servers on different OS.

    Your research is key and search around some use search engine at the top for more help NAS freenas and small business servers
  2. The T110 is a nice server... I would get a small boot drive (100-250GB) and a bigger secondary drive for your data. This massively simplifies upgrading your data HD later (it is a lot easier to move regular old files than an entire OS).
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