Nothing but black screen on start up?

Okay so I built my computer about a week ago and now I think it maybe dead. I was using AMD overdrive and set the advanced clock calibration to auto which said it needed a system reboot, so I reboot and the computer won't even post at all. The optic drive comes on for a sec and the case fan comes on also. However my cpu fan turns on a t a very low speed and I get nothing but a black screen. NO beep code from the bios nothing. I can hear the hard drive spinning but nothing loads.

I am running,

AMD Phenom X2 555

G-skill 2x2gig DDR3 1333

MSI 880Gm-E41 mobo

Xigamatek loki SD963 cpu cooler

HIS Radeon HD 6850 gpu

Caviar blue 7200rpm 500gig hd

Lite-on DVDR, CDRW optic drive

Corsair Builder's series 500watt psu

I have reseated everything but the cpu and have no clue what to do next to try and fix this problem, any help would be greatly accepted.
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  1. Oh and I'm running windows 7 for my OS. And have also reset the CMOS just to be safe.
  2. Hi fools79

    The first thing I would is take out the memory and start the computer:

    if you don't get any beeps: you probably have bad mobo/processor or power supply.

    Try to get another power supply to test.

    if it still doesn't beep : might be better to change mobo and proc.

    If you get beeps without any memory in: you probably have problem with windows, try to do a install repair or boot in safe mode

    good luck
  3. Okay will try this asap and post results.
  4. Hello fools79;

    Here is the forum's "System won't boot" checklist
  5. Okay so without the ram I don't get a beep code, however I am inclined to this it's not the mobo because I get the standard blue led which according to the manual indicate that the mobo is working correctly. Any other ideas. Should I try to re-install the cpu?
  6. Went through the checklist except for psu part. No dice, did AMD overdrive possible do this? All fans and lights are on so and the electrometer I have plugged into the wall socket says it's pullin in around 350 watts which is what my system normally pulls on idle, so hmm...
  7. AMD Overdrive + ACC together can do that.
    It's why you have a Phenom X2 555 and not a Phenom X4 955.
  8. A BIOS reset would clear that up I think.
  9. Is that different from reseting the CMOS by pulling the battery?
  10. Nope, pulling the battery is the same thing. See if that works
  11. How does the MB manual say to do it?
  12. I reset before I even posted in the forum, sorry for not being clear. I really don't know what else to try everything seems to be working, I do have a e5500 and a compatible mobo lying around. Should I resort to a full swap? I have the time since my lady's at work, but should I risk it?
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    Did you reset by pulling the battery or by using the FailSafe BIOS option?
  14. By pulling the battery, I can't even enter my bios. All i get on start up is a black screen.
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