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Hey all, I've been looking around a lot lately for info to base a build off and I've made a few decisions on a lot of the other parts but when it comes to the case and power supply I'm really not too sure what to look for and such. Before we start proper, I should point out that I live in NZ so local/net pricing for places like America aren't relevant for me x3
This is the place I will be buying from (if it'll help anyone help me), not exactly the cheapest in my region but I have a friend that knows the store manager so mate's rates make it pretty good.

In terms of case I was thinking about this aerocool case:
Looking around aerocool as a group doesn't seem to be that favoured though others seem to say they're not that bad. I will be honest, the reason why I'm considering this case is because it's cheap, looks neat enough and comes with four fans. I'm not actually sure how good said fans are or how the case handles heat dissipation/air flow. I've heard a lot about antec but anything that seems better than this case is considerably more expensive. The antec Three Hundred is a bit cheaper but seems to lack the pizazz of the vx-9 (I'm interested but at the same time, not so keen on modding a case myself ~_~). A friend says to just get whatever the heck I want. So yeah, I'm slightly lost.

Regarding power supply... I'm completely lost. A friend of mine trying to help me keep costs down (bless him lul) suggested an antec 520W power supply but another friend suggests future-proofing. Of which, I'm getting a Radeon HD 6950/6970 (it'll depend on my mood when I go into the store -_-; ) and figure that later on down the line I'll get another of the same and crossfire it. In that case, I'm thinking the 520W PSU will be insufficient so at that time I'd have to buy a new PSU too. So should I go with my first friend and just buy what I need for now or listen to my other friend and buy a bigger PSU so I won't have to later? If I do get a larger PSU, what would be sufficient for "future-proofing"?

For reference, I'm thinking of getting a Pentium i5-2500k as the core. My friend tells me that the core along with the graphics card will probably take up the overwhelming majority of power usage and that other things (motherboard, hard drives, etcetcetc) will be relatively minimal.

So uh, yeah. Any advice, opinions and/or tips will be much appreciated.
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  1. Yeah my bad, I'm not sure why I said pentium.

    I am aware of unlocking the shaders, the issue is with supply.
  2. Well for the psu i would suggest the Corsair 650HX - has 4pcie and enough power for 2x6950.
    For a case buy whatever you like.
  3. For crossfiring 6950/6970s a 650W is plenty, unless perhaps you are doing a lot of overclocking as well, in which case maybe it would be wiser to get a 750W. The Corsair HX650 is probably the best power supply on dragonpc in terms of quality, features, efficiency and price. However there is the Adata HM 650W 80Plus Bronze Modular:
    Which is an option if you want to save a bit of money.

    I would definitely say to get the power supply now that you are going to be using with both graphics cards in the future.
  4. Thanks heaps for the advice! (I tried voting up on the last two replies but I'm getting told I've already voted?) Me being me though I only have more questions.

    What would constitute "a lot of overclocking"? If I do opt for a 750W unit, what would be a good choice? (I'm assuming the Corsair 750HX by extension) With either unit, how much "room" would be left for other "misc" things like extra hard drives, disc drives, fans, USB devices and so forth?

    EDIT: More questions still >_> The VX-9 has a bottom mounting location for the PSU, I've read some debate on these forums regarding whether you should mount it with the PSU fan facing up/down and the pros/cons of each. However even after reading some of these I'm still slightly puzzled as to what I should go for.
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