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what motherboard can i buy for 2600k which provides 2 graphic cards to run in sli or crossfire both at would be gud if it can run a third graphi card too..
.i can spend $450 for the motherboard at the max.
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  1. You need an LGA 1155 with the NF200 Chipset. The NF200 is a great option for 3-WAY SLI or 4-WAY CF but where extra pseudo lanes are added the chipset also adds latency so for 2-WAY IMO keep with the native Sandy Bridge x8/x8 PCIe. The performance in most cases is within margin of error ±1 FPS.

    Something to read ->,2910.html

    Q - What GPUs?

    I typically recommend either the:
    or before they were deactivated
    Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD7-B3 or GA-P67A-UD7
  2. You dont need an i7 for gaming, get the i5 2500k.
    The i5 has 4 physical cores, the i7 has 4 physical cores and 4 virtual cores thanks to "hyper threading." However, games don't benefit from using more than 3 or 4 cores.

    Since the 2500k is same socket as 2600k, Ill answer your question:
    I dont think you need to spend 450 on an 1155 mobo.
    The NF200 isnt a chipset its a PCIe chip... I would have otherwise recommended z68 chipset..
    You want to buy from Gigabyte or ASUS.
    Explore wherever you are gonna buy from, and look for
    ASUS ROG boards(republic of gamers)(high end)
    Gigabyte G1 boards
  3. ^I know exactly what the NF200 Chipset is and isn't; it's a PCIe switching chipset. I wasn't referring to an LGA 1155 (NF200), I was referring to an LGA 1155 P67 or Z68 with the NF200.

    Some games do benefit from: >4 Cores, Hyper-Threading, >8GB of RAM e.g. 16GB, etc...
  4. i guess gigabyte z68x-ud7 fufills all my requirements. thanks guys.
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