New Radeon 5750 BSOD issue

Hi everyone,

I was hoping to find some ideas here.

I'm in the midst of upgrading my computer, and one of the things I was looking to do was drastically reduce the amount of noise in my system (it was VERY loud before). Among buying some new <17dba case fans, I upgraded my video card to a Radeon HD fanless 5750 (

I also bought a PCI slot fan to just add a little more ventillation to case since I was going fanless.

I'll preface this by saying this is the first ATI card I've ever bought. I've always had Nvidia and it seemed to me like the best card on the market was the one I bought for fanless.

I've had the card for two days and I've just been testing it. I'm not a heavy gamer - most intensive stuff I've played is Starcraft 2 and L4D2. After running L4D2 for a good 2 hours, the card was still cool enough to touch. So I thought this was a pretty good investment (and it blew away my old 9600 GT Nivida 512mb card).

But since I first installed it, I've had several display issues. Took forever to figure out how to install the right ATI drivers to allow my monitor to stretch to the edges. And randomly I'd come back to my computer and it gave me the message saying the system had blue screened and restarted. When I tried to uninstall the drivers, the system blue screened again. I finally pulled the card and put my old 9600 GT back in so I didn't lose any work. None of the restarting was occuring while heavy usage. The system never even went to sleep. I know it's got to be the new card because it was the only thing I've installed plus the problem went away when I switched back to the old card.

I've read quite a bit about all kinds of people trying to troubleshoot this and coming up empty handed. I'm really temped to RMA the card and just slide over to the Nvidia 450 GTS. I am missing something? I really like the speed and the silence of this thing but I'm at a total loss on how to fix the problem or what's even causing it. Is this normal? Is there some easy fix? Or am I better off just moving over to the 450?
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  1. Going from Nvidia to ATi or viceversa without a reformat is known to cause driver problems like this.

    Put the 5750 back in, unninstall your current drivers and reboot, then download driver sweeper and run it under safe mode to remove all leftovers for both ati and nvidia drivers.

    If that don't solve it then a clean install should. Also make sure it isn't running too hot, the finger is never a good way to measure, use HWmonitor for that.
  2. Ok - I'll make it tomorrow's project :)

    Kind of a bummer to know how much of an ordeal it is to move from one to the other.

    I'll try HWmonitor as well and we'll see what happens :)
  3. Ok, I did everything as suggested. We'll see what happens and if I get more BSOD.

    The card under full load runs about 85C. Idle is 51C. That is WITHOUT the PCI fan. So I could probably knock that down a few degrees with it. Should I be concerned with that temp or is that pretty acceptable for ATI cards?
  4. It's a bit high but expectable for a fanless card, definetly not enough for BSOD. Place a intake fan right next to the card or zip tie a 80mm fan directly on the heatsink.

    When you say full load you mean running stress test like furmark or just gaming?
  5. It could well be driver issues, but what PSU do you have (brand and model, not just wattage)? Especially under load, the HD5750 draws more power than your old card. If you've got a cheap chokemax PSU, it may not be able to hold up its end of the log, crashing your machine in the process.
    Anyway...uninstall ALL of your video drivers. The 9600GT's drivers should be uninstalled before you physically install the HD5750 into your system.
  6. It was the stress test where it clocked @ 85C. Playing a game it was about 10 degrees cooler.

    I'm worried about the need to tie a fan to it. I was trying to get away from more fans and noise in the case :) kinda makes me feel like just getting a card with a fan.

    I definitely did not uninstall all of the drivers before - this time I did. So we'll see what happens.

    I don't think it was an issue with drawing too much power. None of the BSOD occured while I was doing anything with it(everything happened when the system was idle and I had left for an hour or more). So I'm hoping removing everything via safemode and reinstalling fresh does the trick.

    I'm going to put the PCI fan back in, do another stress test and see where the temp lies. If I need to ziptie another fan in there I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with a card with a fan.
  7. 75c when gaming doesn't sound bad at all, specially for a fanless card, no need to ziptie a fan if it was indeed only the stress test that got 85c.
  8. Ok - case is completely together and the PCI fan back in, I'm actually really pleased overall. Games don't seem to break 70C and stress test still around 82 - 85. So hopefully my driver wipe has solved any future blue screens. Thanks so much for your help.
  9. Ok, nice.
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