Connected, but can't get anywhere

Just like the topic says, it's showing I have a connection but when I try to go to a web page it just sits there. I can run a tracert on yahoo and get all the way through it, I have an ip address, sometimes when I try renew my ip it will time out. I tried uninstalling/installing the device (on board LAN(Soyo KT400 Ultra)) and doing the drivers, but that did not do anything. I have recently replaced the motherboard with the exact same one that I had before and did a system restore to a date previous to that and still nothing. I'm stumped.
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  1. I forgot to mention.. I'm on cable and going through a router. The connection works on every other computer(obviously).
  2. 1) Scan for spyware in safemode (use adaware/spybot)
    2) Make sure there is no proxy set in IE
    3) Check hosts file to make sure the only thing in it is localhost

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  3. DNS servers set in TCP/IP?

    Is your default gateway set to the PC side IP addy of the router if applicable?

    Using a router? Reboot it.

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  4. Are you using DHCP or a fixed IP address on your computer?
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