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HDMI adapter to DVI for eyefinity

Been trying to set up a 3 monitor eyefinity display. I finally have the 3 monitors and was going to order the card and adapter to make the 3rd monitor work. The card I was looking at was the Sapphire 6950. After checking around it seems you no longer need a active adapter according to Sapphires website and you can use the two DVI outputs and the HDMI output instead of the display port.

If this is true I have a HDMI to DVI adapter I bought for my TV, but never used. Will I be able to buy the 6950 and use the two DVI outputs and the HDMI output using the adapter I already have, or will I need a different one? Wanted to clarify this before I purchased the card so if I needed another adapter I could order it too.
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  1. I think you need a third monitor with DP input or must use an adapter if you want eyefinity with Radeon HD 6950.
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    No you cant, u will still need the DP connection.

    If u read on sapphires website u will find this under the pictures that shows off eyefinity: "To support 3 displays, one of the monitors has to support DisplayPort"
  3. I went ahead and ordered the adapter when I ordered the card just in case.
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