Gaming Rig for 1K

Approximate Purchase Date: This week

Budget Range: 1000

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming

Parts Not Required: Everything - but... Power Supply, Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Newegg

Country of Origin: USA

Parts Preferences: None - I just like matching the Mobo and Video Card Manufacture

Overclocking: Yes / No / Maybe

SLI or Crossfire: Yes / No / Maybe

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1200

Additional Comments:

Hello, I'm currently getting ready to pull the trigger on building a new system and I normally would just buy the parts and deal with the outcome but as I've gotten a little older and now am a family man I need to make this money strech as far as it can. My Budget was 1000 dollars and I buy all my parts from newegg (great customer service) the only part I don't need is a power supply because I have a nice Corsair 700w modular power supply that was given to me from my brother. Here are all the parts listed and my reasoning for the buy...

The Rig....

Case - Rosewill Destroyer - 49.99

Love the look of the case, it's got space, bottom mount power supply, 3x 120mm Fans. I just love this case! I'm excited for it especially at the 50 dollar price point

HDD - WD Black 640g Sata 6 HDD - 69.99

its Sata 6, 64mb cash. It should be great all around HDD

Corsair 8gb DDR3 1600 2x4gb - 99.99

Corsair makes great memory and it has good timings on the memory

Cooler-master After-market CPU Cooler - 29.99

Has great reviews and spot for extra standard 120mm fan

Bundle deal (CPU & MOBO)
AMD Phenom x6 1090T - 199.99

Went with this over the 1100 because of the fact its only 100mghz difference didnt seam worth the 40 dollars and the after-market CPU cooler should allow me to get to 4ghz stable (so i hope)

MSI Motherboard has Sata 6 and 2x 16x 2.0 PCIE slots and the latest AMD 890FX chipset - 149.99

Never went wrong with a MSI board

This combo gives me 20 bucks off for buying the 2 of them together...

2x Rosewill 120mm 2000rpm fans - 9.99

one for the case at the top and one for the after-market CPU cooler

Arctic 5 Thermal Compound - 6.99

good rating never went wrong with it...

Sata DVD Burner 19.99

free shipping haha...

Now the Big Question I'm facing is the Video Card... I've been searching around alot but I cant come to a solid answer on this... I eather want to go with two of the MSI 6850 video cards in Crossfire, or one of the MSI 6970 video cards... The price point is almost identical and this is where I think I need the most help...

MSI 6970 - 369.99 (System total with this card 986.89)


MSI 6850x2 - 189.99 (379.99 for 2 - system total 996.89)

The argument.. The one 6970 is a great card and I always tell myself (ILL BUY A SECOND ONE IN THE FUTURE AND CROSSFIRE) I never do EVER.... but... the 6850 in crossfire from what I've read outperforms the 6970 as well as the Nvidia 580... The crossfire system seams like I will be getting the most out of my money... ALSO... I always game in 1920x1200 I have a nice 24" Gateway LCD Monitor that I love with a Glossy screen... I enjoy playing all my games at that resolution if that helps with the argument...

Any feedback is appreciated!!! and Thank You for your time!!!
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    If you have a $1000 dollar budget for the tower and you don't even need a PSU you should definitely go with intel, SB is being re-released in about a month so if you can wait do so, SB conquers even the $1000 i7 990x when overclocked and is a beast, it's worth the wait.
  2. even if you must buy now go with intel, i5 760
  3. so i5? not worth it to try and step up to an i7? also how about any of the other parts? I guess at this point what Parts would you recommend for a high end gaming rig for 1K? I don't think I want to wait for a sandy bridge I would love to but right now I'm without a gaming rig at all :(
  4. ^that's crappy

    i7 is only recommended for intensive video editing/rendering/extreme photo editing, i5s are the best choice for gaming.

    i5 760+p7p55d-e pro ($373)
    4gb ddr3 1600 ($65) 4gb is plenty for gaming
    gtx 560 ti (why match GPU and mobo manufacturer) ($250)
    spinpoint f3 1tb ($65) better than WD
    same dvd drive ($20)
    HAF 922 ($90 AP)

    newegg total: $863

    For cooling I don't like newegg, they charge a lot and their selection isn't the best check out
    I recommend the following items to increase cooling
    Promilatech Megahalems Rev. B ($60)
    shin etsu g751 x2 (for GPU and CPU) ($6) shin etsu is better than AS5
    2 x Cooler Master R4-L2R-20CR-GP 120mm (for heatsink) ($18)
    2 x Scythe SFF21F 120mm (for side panel) ($26)
    with that many fans you need a fan controller Sunbeam PL-RS-6 ($37)

    svc total: $93

    overall total: $956
  5. if you have an questions regarding part choices, please ask. I'm ready to duke it out :lol:

    the 560 ti overclocks extremely well so I would push it, later (6 months) get a second gtx 560 ti for total domination
  6. All good comments joel. I think you should also wait for the SBs though if you can. Jumping straight into builds right now would result in a dead build. Meaning no CPU expansions because SB is moving forward. So personal opinion wait till April.

    For a 1K build, it's in my siggy. For a current on, Joel has them.
  7. I was looking at the 560 ti and the 570 the benchmarks on the 570 are on par and sometimes better then the 6970 should I spend the money for a 570? I'm already looking at the i5 I wish I could wait 2 more months I've already waited 2 months I had the Ailenware M17r3 on order with a sandy bridge and that is on hold until April as well so i'm without a gaming rig and its killing me. If the PC is a dead build, I usually hand down my PC's to my father anyways because he cant afford gaming rigs so i'm not concerned about that. I'm looking to get the BEST gaming PC for my 1k bucks this week that will last me without buying parts in the future a year or 2 from now ill probably put another 1k into a newer system and port what usable parts I can to that rig...
  8. don't spend the extra cash for the gtx 570, the gtx 560 ti will perform on par with the 570 once you spend a day overclocking it.
  9. Ahhh I see, well then. I personally think that going for the 570 would be a good idea. But at your resolution, you'd benefit more from the CF 6850s rather than a single card. If you don't plan on upgrading this build, you'd be better off doing the 6850 CF than a single 560 Ti or a single 570.

    As you can see, the CF pulls out most of the time. But it really depends on the game. Some games dislike the CF, some games love it. BFBC2 and Crysis seem to love the dual card setup. Games like WoW don't really like it at all. If you tend to play Blizzard games, go with the single card. If you tend to play FPS games, go with Dual card, they usually work out.

    Funny thing, the load power consumption of CF 6850 is less than a single 570, even though the 6850 CF beats the 570.
  10. Looks like from that website the 6850 in CF is on par if not better in some areas then 580 - another question then if i go crossfire 8x 8x or 16x 4x for the mobo pcie crossfire setup
  11. 8x/8x > 16x/4x

    From 8x/8x to 16x/16x there is only like 3% difference. Go with the 870 Extreme3. Great budget board, good features. Solid company.
  12. aznshinobi your leaning towards an am3 then?
  13. OH no my bad. I was thinking of another build.

    If you go AMD, don't go any higher than a 955 or a 1055T, no need for the extra clocks for a 965 when the 955 OCs just as easily to that point. No reason for a 1090T w/ unlocked when a locked 1055T can OC to just the same level.

    If you go with Intel, you'll get more CPU power, maybe like 10% over the 955 w/o OC. That being the i5 750. I suggest you get the i5 760/750 then get a Extreme4 Asrock P55. It's not as good at OCing and just as a board as the Extreme4 P67, but it's still better than most boards of its price. Plus it has SATA III and USB 3. So it's future proof.

    Another route, wait for AM3+ or SB if you can. IF you do, then check out the builds in my siggy.
  14. I prefer the asus board for p55, but the asrock will do just fine, I like the idea of having a single-card setup to start out with and later move to dual cards, it's more economical (because card prices plummet over a matter of a year), keeps system running longer

    can't find the bench for dual 560 tis vs. dual 6850s but I can gurantee you that 560 tis will kick the 6850s a*ses
  15. ^ Well obviously, they're two different price point XD

    I personally just love the 6850 CF, but that's because games I run all favor dual cards, I rarely play Blizzard games, never in fact, and even then, the 6850 by itself can handle well at my resolution.

    Well here we see the 560 Ti is kinda close to a 470. So from that we may be able to take the 470 SLI vs 6850 CF.
    560 Ti vs 470:
    So from those benches we can't conclude that scaling will be the same, but if it is.
    470 SLI vs 6850 CF:

    We should see similar perf.
  16. Blizzard rocks

    That would be a decent bench but it doesn't account for the 560 tis amazing overclocking ability, it performs closer to a gtx 570 when overclocked enough and given that a gtx 570 is roughly equal to a 480

    480 SLI vs 6850 CF

    THE POWER!!!
  17. And you forget about the 6850 overclockabilty to at least 6870 as well.

    480 SLI vs 6870 CF:
    How they only got 3.8 fps in Crysis at 2560x1080 intrigues me. I think that was an input flaw. But not sure.
  18. You forgot that Nvidia has better drivers, the cards will slowly become more powerful. (I'm not by any means a fanboy, in fact the system I'm writing this from has a 5850 and I love it)

    and no that was not an input flaw everybody knows 6870s can't play Crysis at 2560x1600 :lol:
  19. WHAT that's not true, I have a 5850 and honestly, I've had NO problems with drivers that people speak of. TBH I really don't see the driver issues many people say they do face.
  20. After talking with you guys this what I was looking at taking advice from both of you...

    TWO - XFX HD-685X-ZDFC Radeon HD 6850 1GB 256-bit DDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card with Eyefinity

    ASRock P55 EXTREME4 LGA 1156 Intel P55 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard

    Intel Core i5-760 Lynnfield 2.8GHz 8MB L3 Cache LGA 1156 95W Quad-Core Desktop Processor BX80605I5760

    TWO - G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model F3-12800CL7D-4GBRM
  21. Looks solid.
  22. Ive got that 700w Corsair PSU that should me more then enough to run this configuration shouldn't it? Ive got a buddy of mine telling me I should pick up this 20 dollar 450w GUP PSU that fits in a 5.25 bay just in case... thoughts?
  23. No don't waste your money on those. Terrible efficiency and just a waste of a bay. Your PSU is good enough for SLI 560 Ti's, with that said. It's good enough for CF 6850s.
  24. 1. I'd do a SB build @ $1000

    2. I would advise against building anything using a component that said "Rosewill" on it.

    3. The SATA III will help w/ transfers from cache but not w/ large file transfers off the mechanical drive.

    4. AS5 takes 200 hours of constant thermal cycling to cure. Shin Etsu has exact same performance and no curing time

    but... the 6850 in crossfire from what I've read outperforms the 6970 as well as the Nvidia 580....

    Change that to a 570 and you're correct.,2857-5.html

    IIRC, the 6850's in CF took 2 of 8 benches when compared against twin 470's in SLI
  25. We actually discussed the 470 SLI vs 6850 CF in benches, see comparison link above from AnAndtech.

    As for SB I think OP stated he waited for SB but can't wait any longer for an SB build. But I also would've waited longer.
  26. I know Sandy Bridge looks awesome, but I need a PC now. I needed a PC over a month ago so I ordered a sandy bridge laptop which that got put on hold so I rounded up the cash for this rig to get something now.

    The 6850's runs better then a single 570 why would I get that? If I was going to do a single card seams like the best bang for my buck would just be a 6970 anyways...
  27. i'll take note of the Thermal Paste, no sata III? What would the HDD be then? I don't really want a SSD until they come down in price...
  28. Uhhh I don't think he said no SATA III, he was referring to the benefits of the SATA III vs SATA II. To help, SATA 3gps is the current SATA (II). Next gen or the soon to be mainstream is SATA 6gps or SATA III
  29. that makes more sense :D
  30. No problemo.
  31. I was thinking too about the sandy bridge delema too if I just had to have it when it came out I could get a proc and motherboard for what 350 and just keep everything else the Same and give my i5/1156 to my dad and still have a great gaming rig and help out my dad in the process haha :D hes gaming on a am3 Athlon II quad core that i5 would be a huge boost for gaming from that...
  32. Haha, yeah I suppose so.
  33. sorry I was gone for a bit (darn homework), I'm not saying that amd drivers are problematic, I'm saying that nvidias are better. I have a 5850 with zero problems (with drivers)
  34. Ohh I see
  35. I actually am now looking at the following motherboard Joel recommended earlier, because the asrock had bad reviews on its overclocking ability and I would like to try and overclock that i5 to 4ghz if I can figure out how to do it with the following motherboard listed.

    ASUS P7P55D-E Pro LGA 1156 Intel P55 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard

    How hard will it be to Overclock that 760 to 4ghz? running stable for gaming? do you know the bios settings that are required to achieve this? I rarely overclock my processors so any help is appreciated.
  36. Starting to have second thoughts about buying a 760 and thinking about waiting for the i5 2500k it looks like asrock is already shipping there updated chipset motherboards to hit the shelfs any day now... I'm thinking about buying the cpu and 2 560 ti cards which puts me in my 1k budget and then saving some money from now untill the time the new motherboards come out to buy a new PSU and Motherboard.
  37. Most boards can actually overclock passed 4.0ghz but that's my opinion.

    Not the i5 760 here, but it gets the 875K up to 4ghz with ease from the reviewers statement.

    Most of the time, a BIOS revision for Asrock boards make them super overclockable. I remember the Extreme4 for the P67 only getting up to 4ghz+ but later after a bios revision getting up to 5.1ghz. So you'll probably need a BIOS revision if you go Extreme4. You should anyways, that's how the mobo keeps updated basically.

    No I don't know the settings. All chips are different. They don't all get built with 100% quality. That means that not every chip will OC the same. And some tweaks maybe needed.
  38. You may be unlucky and get a chip that only hits 3.4ghz or you may get a 4.3ghz chip, I would choose the asus board if you think you wanna go for 4 but for light overclocking go with the asrock it's cheaper
  39. Are there any benchmarks on an OC'ed 760 @ 4ghz vs stock 2500k?
  40. Not that I know of, If I get more time I'll browse google searching, a 5 second search and 1/4 concentration didn't get it

    As you can see a 4ghz i5 750 = an i7 870 or maybe an i7 875K
    So from there, you can do i7 880 (which would have HT and More threads over the i5 750 4ghz so that'd be giving headroom.
    i7 880 vs i5 2500K
  42. You may not reach 4ghz though, but with megahalems the temps won't be the limiting factor
  43. This is the exact psu that my brother gave me am I going to be ok?

    OCZ ModXStream Pro OCZ700MXSP 700W ATX12V V2.2 / EPS12V SLI Certified CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS Certified Modular Active PFC Power Supply compatible with core i7
  44. Yeah its fine.
  45. Have one in my system, no problems so far it is a second tier psu and not the most efficient but it gets the job done
  46. Well I've decided to wait and I'm buying an i5 2500k so thats for all the good advice - That being said haha anybody have a mobo for LGA 1155 thats around 100 to 150 with crossfire x8 x8 and sata 6 support? thats what I'm looking for and some decent overclocking capability I would like to get that chip set at least 4ghz stable for everyday gaming
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