Error code 83 or is it E3?

i am building my first computer and have an arock x58 extreme 3 motherboard, i have installed the cpu, dvd drive, case, cpu kuhler h2o 920 watercooler, and powersupply, i have not installed the ram, graphics card and harddrivebut i wanted to see if the water cooler and fans power up so turned the power on to determine if everything is running normal, after i press the power on button on the motherboard the fans turn on and the water cooler turns on and the doctor debug error code 83 or is it E8 is displayed on the dr debug LED, i am wondering what this code means, i want to know in order to find out in order to better determine if my cpu is installed and working properly because when i installed my cpu one of the tiny pins on the motherboard was sticking out more than the rest so i very carfully took a small pointy peice of plastic and somehow managed to put it back into place so that i could install my cpu, also is the fact that i get error code 83 or is it E8 a sign that the cpu is working, any advice would be appreciated

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  1. Install the RAM and graphics card before worrying about any errors. The motherboard manual should give all error codes and what they mean. Most likely it is just saying that it doesn't have any RAM.
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