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Update to GTX 580?????????????

I have 2 GTX 480's....I have so Christmas money to i was debating whether i should update to a GTX 580 or maybe a third GTX 480???? I have a corsair 800d liquid cooled cooling isn't an issue. I am using this rig primarily for gaming...i do some internet surfing and word processing. Any input is appreciated....thx
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  1. Why would you want to upgrade when you already have a very powerful setup?
  2. I am just saying...the gtx 580 is better so im jus sayin for the future
  3. Two GTX 480s would last for a couple of years.There is no need to upgrade.
  4. You think i should add a third 480??? will that make any difference???
  5. Adding a third GTX 480 will cause a bottleneck.

    our Core i7 965X processor is overclocked at default at 3750 MHz, and man .. it's just not enough to satisfy three GTX 480 cards most of the time. And that makes sense as it's just such a truckload of raw GPU horsepower.

  6. I have the 980x extreme edition....still bottleneck?
  7. you didn't mention the most important questions at all, what resolution are you playing at, is your 980x OCed? What's your PSU?
  8. pcgamer31 said:
    I have the 980x extreme edition....still bottleneck?

  9. I am playing at 2 LG 27" monitors at 1900x1080 each and yes my 980x is oc'd
  10. In terms of any value, Id say it's stupid to upgrade. In terms of performance, if you have a good OC on your 980x, you will see improvement. So if you have a crazy amount of money you want to blow, go ahead and upgrade.

    (but please donate some to charity first) :)
  11. so essentially, you're gaming resolution is 1920*1080, right? Can't really game on 2 monitors effectively, usually, either 1 or 3. At that resolution, you'd see minimal advantage. If you have enough $$, I'd suggest getting a 30", for a higher resolution.
  12. haha @microterf please you got 3x gtx 580 donate some to me haha
  13. lol, I give my fair share. I also run a lot higher resolution (2560*1600) and 5670*1200, which will soon go up to 7680*1600 in February.
  14. and yes i am getting a 30'' 2560x1600 monitor for at that resolution with the other two monitors....will i see an advantage??
  15. what's your OC at?
  16. @ 4.3 ghz
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    yes, you will see an advantage at that resolution, and if you use that and the other 2 monitors to run surround at 5670*1080, you will benefit from it more. Is it enough to justify the difference in price, no. Like I said, it really depends on personal preference and how you want to spend your money.
  18. @microterf....thx for the help man....maybe ill wait until the 6990 so maybe there would be a price drop in the 580...but yea for now i think ill jus stick to 2 480s cuz of bottleneck with 3...but thx for the info
  19. good stuff, no problem. That's what we're here for. Good luck, let me know when you do upgrade. It will be a beast. (Nvidia is supposed to release a dual GPU 590 also ;)
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  21. for sure man...good lookin...that 590 will be a monster haha
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