System still won't Post

My computer still won't post or show any video display after many attempts to fix it. The CPU, PSU, and MOBO are all brand new but I think the mobo may be defected. Here is my build.


CPU: AMD Anthlon 3200

GPU: 7800 GT

2GB DDR400 Ram

600W PSU

I have tried resetting the CMOS, and testing each ram stick. Nothing seems to be working, I am getting no keyboard lights or video display. I do get 5 short beeps when I turn on the case but I believe this was normal for the case even when it was functioning properly.
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  1. Do you have a link to your previous topic?

    5 short beeps means Processor error. The system CPU has failed.

    I don't believe the 5 short beeps is a normal thing. It would be the motherboard sending out the beep codes.
  3. I made a new topic because the situation has changed now that I have a new CPU, if thats what you were asking. Also, the case is my brothers old one and he claims that it would beep every time he turned it on (the case has built in alarms ETC.) I don't believe they are from the mobo but I could be wrong. But I do know the CPU is good I have now tested it to be working, however the new motherboard that was sent to me may be defective since it was never tested. I tried breadboarding but no dice.
  4. One beep - normal and good = successful POST. Anything else - not so good.
    Beeps codes are a product of the motherboard, not case. It might be that the case holds the speakers where the beep is heard that made him think that.
  5. What beep codes are you getting now?

    If you've gone though two motherboard it's look like something other than the MB to me.
    It sounds like you're at the point of having to test with a known, good working part for each item that still could be suspect.

    HDD tested good? RAM tested good?
  6. Are you working with an AGP video card or a PCI-e video card?
    Any BIOS settings to tell the MB which to use?
  7. The Ram has been tested individualy so unless they are both bad......and the HDD has not been tested but I can test with a spare I own. Will a faulty HDD prevent post and video display?

    Also I am using a PCI-e video card. And don't even have an on board video card.
  8. Check the motherboard manual to see if there is a switch or jumper to tell the motherboard what graphics slot to use, the AGP or the PCI-e.

    A faulty HDD would prevent POST as would a missing graphics card.
  9. My Manual does indicate jumpers to tell the mobo which card to use. However they are already setup correctly.
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