Hows does my Geforce 310m stack up?

Hello everyone,

I recently had my old Toshiba finally die after 5 years of good service, and so went out to buy a new laptop. Strapped for cash my choices were limited so I ended up with a Samsung laptop with an intel core i3 m380, 4gb ddr3 memory and an Nvidia Geforce 310m 512mb.

The question is how will this stack up for modern gaming? The last time I built a rig was just over 3 years ago, using an amd radeon hd3780 512, 6gb ddr2 ram and an intel core 2 duo (although I don't remember which model it was, it had a lower clock speed than the core i3 for sure).

I read a lot of reviews saying that he 310m is not that good for gaming, but I couldn't find an apples to apples comparison to video cards in the same generation of my desktops hd3780 512mb.

Any help or information provided would be appreciated.

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  1. I don't know if you're going to find a direct comparison between your old 3870 and your new g 310, but here's a compilation of mobile gpus and their benchmarks:
  2. GeForce 310M is on no.134 on the list that pepperman linked above.
    It below 8600M (no.131), so I think that mobile is about the same with 6800GS AGP.
    You can see this chart:,2782-7.html
    If that's true then yes, HD3870 is MUCH more powerful than that. :)
  3. Yeah 310M is pretty much the lowest offered mobile GPU right now, a step above integrated. However, assuming it's in a 13 or 14in laptop the resolution isn't going to be very high so it can still be ok for gaming just it'll be lowest settings in most modern games.
  4. Ah that's disappointing. But I was rather expecting as much to be honest.

    I have a 7 day satisfaction guarantee from the site that I ordered it from, so perhaps I will return it or exchange for one with a better gpu.

    Thanks for the quick replies, merry christmas!
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