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i have a p5vd2-x asus mother board i want to know if i can put 800 mhz ddr2 on it .. in the motherbord's description it says that it can suport only 533 mhz ddr2 ... but i saw on the motherbord bios's update that if cand update the bios my mother board will suport 800mhz ram... im confused .. some please help .. :??:
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  1. The motherboard only supports 4 GB of DDR2 533. You can probably use DDR2 800 but it will run at the slower DDR2 533 speed.

    I looked at all the BIOS versions and none of them say they added support for DDR2 800. Not sure where you saw that.
  2. that what it seen for the 800 (Enable support for Prescott 800FSB 3.0GHz CPU ) mistake the memory with this
  3. Version 0204
    Description P5VD2-X BIOS Release Version 0204
    1. Enhance overclocking capability.
    2. Modify CPU Fan Speed Waring value from 800RPM to 600RPM if Conroe CPU is used.
    3. Enhance memory compatibility
    4. Support SMBIOS v2.4
    5. Enable support for SATA CD-ROM under EZFlash
    6. Fixed PCI slot APIC routing error cause PCI device work abnormal
    7. Fixed if BIOS power up by PS/S mouse set "double click", moving mouse or single-click mouse still can wake up system from S5
    8. Support HDD Freeze Lock function.
    9. Support AAM feature
  4. . Enhance memory compatibility refer to this
  5. Enhance Memory Compatibility just means making the board work with more brands. It does not mean making you board support faster memory. As I said above DDR2 800 will probably work with your board but only at the lower DDR2 533 speed.
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